In ancient times… the Saints… established the importance of virtue in life… and how it can give you health, wealth and prosperity… which is glorified… and not which is degrading. They established schools and Universities… especially in India, where even today the families… carry the name of that University as their Ghotra… and the families belonging to one Ghotra cannot marry. They prepared young children, educated them… that they led a very dharmic life… enjoyed their married life fully… and matured in such a manner that they got their Realisation… and lived a life of complete enjoyment. And thus they, by their example, distracted the attention of the people which was outside, to inner deeper values (1980-0505)

All this permeated a kind of confidence in God, Religion and a very balanced life – they have really done a great job of building the scaffolding… of the huge, great building of Sahaja Yoga… which is going to come now. Their desire to establish Dharma was so great, that the complete Divine force of Mahakali was working through them… and they put it to action with such understanding and such wisdom. Great scriptures were written by them… and for thousands of years, they were the guiding light for people (1980-0505)

In India, a saint is respected above all – higher than any artists or painters, kings or governments. The highest of all is the saint (1986-0921.1); We are the people… we are not to be afraid of any society… we have to come out of it… we have to teach them… whatever is good we are going to do… whether you like it or not… that’s the sign of a Saint (1988-0710); First and foremost, all the great Saints have praised their guru… for example… Gyaneshwara in India has written a complete chapter about the guru… they have translated it into English, as Preceptor… guru is the Preceptor (1998-0712)

There exists in the Divine the capacity to manifest it’s Love, to show that you are the Saints, you are the chosen ones of God – through the expression of Rutumbhara Pragnya – but you have to accept that situation first. But if you behave like any normal person, it will never happen (1983-0723.1); The Divine cannot make Saints – Saints are made by their own efforts. Angels are made by the Divine… and are always protected (1989-0423)

The understanding of Mother Earth about Saints is very great… she knows who is a Saint… she knows the feet of a Saint. That’s why so many things were created – like Moses… he went to the sea, and the Mother Earth came up for them to walk through… it was for Moses, and his saintliness, that the Mother Earth came up and helped… if people are saintly, they will always be protected by Mother Earth… she will always try to give them whatever they want (1997-0525)

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– end – 1 Jun 2003