Salt that is vibrated helps with the stomach area, absorbing all that is mobile. The 5 left side dharmas are helped by taking vibrated salt. Salt represents the dharma in the void area, which is the ocean within us (1978-1005); Is the quality of the Guru (1981-0330); Vibrated salt is the best thing to give with water for a person to drink, who has a problem of possession by one of the guru bhoots (1980-0517.2); Is useful for correcting left side problems of the Nabhi Chakra (1983-0121), and is also used for gargling (1981-0330); Left sided people should take salt more, and with salt they can solve many problems, because salt gives them a personality a composure, by which they can express themselves, in a way that is dignified and not lethargic (1983-0121); Salt is so important for our breathing (1987-1213)

People who have teeth which are troubling them, must look after them. It’s no good just going to the dentist… simple thing is to use some olive oil and some salt… rub it on your gums nicely every day before sleeping… that will keep your teeth alright. You will be amazed… that til today, I have not been to any dentist… but one thing is there… that I brush my teeth quite a lot. Don’t use electrical toothbrushes and all that… but use brushes, or use your fingers. The best way is to rub with salt and oil… is very good for you… and allow the whole thing to come out (1986-0504)

For throat, gargling is a very good thing… with salt, every night. Gargling is something… is a must… for all the Sahaja Yogis… is a must (.0012); Is to be done every morning, using salt, as a treatment for Vishuddhi (1983-0202; 1981-0330), with a little warm water (1988-1221)

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Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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Chakras affected: Left Side; Nabhi; Void

– end – 28 Jun 2003