From ‘Sama’/Enlightened, and ‘Dhi’/Awareness or Consciousness (1981-0926); In older times, where the Yogi would sit for great periods of time oblivious to all around him… but not so now (1982-0130), and also could be that the Yogi would choose his death, by taking his Samadhi, as did Nyaneshwara who went into a room and died (1987-0408)

That state where you start feeling the joy and the bliss of God’s blessings, and start saying ‘Oh God… what a blessing…’ At this time you have to realise ‘who am I… what am I… I am the Spirit…’; After establishing your sustained attention on the Spirit, you then will develop a complete state of witnessing – with joy (1983-0723.3); Where your attention is completely drowned into the experiencing (1983-0107)

The third of three steps in meditation, preceded by Dhyana and Dharna, and is the state of maturity of our meditation, in which we see, in whatever we do, the manifestations of the Deity, who is the object of our worship. So whatever we see or hear or read, or whatever we do with our eyes, or our nose etc., it is the Deity whom we worship, who is bringing that to us. It is a kind of manifestation of that Deity, that comes automatically – if we have a problem, it must be there to teach us some experience, or some lesson, and is the manifestation of the Deity itself. We will find that problems get solved automatically. This new state awakened in us is called as Rutumbhara Pragnya (1983-0723.1)

In the Samadhi state, first is the thoughtless awareness as you know called Nirvichara Samadhi and then into the other state called as Nirvikalpa Samadhi, which is doubtless awareness… and which is 2 states… Sirvikalpa and Nirvikalpa. Most of the Sahaja Yogis now are on the Sirvikalpa, not yet at the Nirvikalpa… and to rise up to the Nirvikalpa we must understand that we have to do little more about it (1985-0310)

– Jai Shri Mataji –

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