Shri Rama… is the embodiment of all the good qualities in a man… like Sankoch… you see there is a Sankoch… like not… sort of… to go to somebody’s house… and then… to start demanding… this and that… rather…you should be… worried… how far to go with a person… how far to talk to a person… how far to go with your wife… with your children… you see… all that is Sankoch. Sankoch means… restraint… in a wise way… enlightened restraint… how far to go is the question (0.0012)

Shri Rama being Sankochi… means he’s a man full of Grace (1985-0000.2); Shri Rama was known to be a very formal person… Sankoch… that he would go to any extent to bear upon himself the problems, than to tell others to do something… this is one of the greatest qualities of Shri Rama… that he would not order anyone do anything for him. The softness of Shri Rama goes to the extremes… which I call the Sankoch (1987-1004; 1986-1223)

Rama was on the right side of the heart… means the heart put to activity… do you understand that. When you are in the left heart that’s your sincerity… your heart felt thing… but the heart felt thing… what’s the use you see. There are many Sahaja Yogis who really feel this world is horrible and something must be done… Sahaja Yoga must be brought in… but how many of you are really putting that to action… absolutely into action. Without that your Rama’s tattwa cannot be improved. Rama’s tattwa is only improved when you put all the things into action… that’s exactly what Shri Rama did (1982-0402)

There’s no word in English language… because you have ‘formality’… which is a very insipid word to describe Sankoch… because there is no ‘integration’ between your ‘heart’ and ‘formality’… but if you can think of a ‘formality of the heart’, what do you call that… sweet formality… it’s an action… formality of the heart… in action you see. Not to say something in such a way that you touch the wrong side of a person… is Sankoch. The delicacy of understanding. You see… this arrogance and rudeness comes to us because we have no Sankoch. That Sankoch, that understanding comes if you love someone and understand (1982-0402)

Now you have to love all the seekers of the world… they have done wrong… they have done all kinds of ego trips… they have done all kinds of mistakes… but your Mother loves them… and you have to love them. If they have to be corrected, I’ll do that… you just don’t do that way that they feel hurt. So we have a Sahaja Yoga tradition also in which when we speak to each other, we have that Sankoch within us of Shri Ram… and if you don’t have that Sankoch you get right heart… and that right heart is a very dangerous thing in the country like England where the climate is so bad… because it gives you the horrible thing called Asthma. You get Asthma if your right heart is caught… not necessarily that asthma will come only from right heart… can also come from centre heart… but if you get right heart, you definitely get asthma. So this Sankoch one has to learn… the Mariadas… means the boundaries of your relationships. Shri Rama is known for his boundaries… he doesn’t cross the limit… in everything… discretion of the heart should be there. Now there is no word for discretion of the heart in English language… which is Mariada… discretion of the heart is… how far to go (1982-0402)

Those people who are obedient to me are very powerful Sahaja Yogis… you know that… and those who are not, go down very fast. I have seen those who are disobedient, who don’t listen to me, who are rude to me, who do not understand the protocol… go down very much in Sahaja Yoga… because what is lacking in you is the discretion, the Mariada… how far to go. You have to be powerful people and the power of a person increases by putting Mariadas – supposing you have wheat, and you spread it, it will spread all over and anybody, birds will come and eat it up… it will be finished. But if you put it in a sack, it will have a weight… it will have a size… it will rise in height… is useful… and it will have respect. But the thing that is all spread all over will never be respected. Nothing works out without Mariadas… you have to keep your Mariadas. All our ideas of freedom are to be bound by Mariadas… if the freedom has no Mariadas, it is abandonment… it is a nonsense… it is not going to help (1982-0402)

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Chakras affected: Right Heart

– end – 19 Oct 2003