Now you should not get upset with these Sanskrit names… it has nothing to do with any particular community… they were found out by Saints who were meditating in India, and they knew Sanskrit… so Sanskrit was used. As science has developed here, so in India a science of the Kundalini was developed… of the germinating power… the residual power within us. This science actually experimented with the movement of the Kundalini… where it moves… the sound it makes… and these sounds are different on the different centres… and these sounds have been taken by those people in the ancient days, as the phonetic sounds for forming the Sanskrit language… and that’s why Sanskrit is used for controlling the Kundalini… the movement of Kundalini (1979-0608.1); These names like ‘Ida Nadi’ are in Sanskrit. All this was discovered thousands of years back by Seers, who gave them a Sanskrit name. Also it has some meaning… that these names they got from the Unconscious… so that they are not ‘Sanskrit’ names, but are the names ‘actually’ of those things (1980-0809)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1979-0608.1 Maria’s House Tape 1 not good 50 1980-0809 What are we inside – B’ham good 30

– end – 20 Jun 2003