Near Nasik, on the way to Dhulia (1985-0000.2), is the great shrine of Saptashringi, which has got the seven chakras, of the limbic area, representing the Sahastrara. Her face and body are beautifully made and she emits vibrations for miles around. It is a miraculous place that has come out of Mother Earth, and since ancient times it has been there. Nobody knows when it first appeared (1983-0118)

Ancient Swayambhu (1983-0118), representing the 7 peaks (7 chakras) at Sahastrara (1990-0923), in the brain (1985-0000.2); Which is the Sahastrara of Maharashtra, and of the Universe in a way, though the Himalayas are regarded as the real abode of Sadashiva, which is on top. But the Sahastrara part, which is the limbic area, should be here, because we have got 3½ coils settled here, and as Sapta Shringi has come out of Mother Earth, this is the place where we can say resides the Sahastrara. Then the ‘on top’ is the Himalayas, and the Himalayas are beyond the Sahastrara; This is the Adi Shakti Herself (1985-0000.2)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1985-0000.2 Nasik talk – see 1985-0000.1 good 25

1983-0118 Ganesha Puja – Nasik – see 1983-0113.1 – (5 Pujas in India) good 10 1990-0923 Navaratri Puja – Geneva, Switzerland good 75

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