Sat Chit Ananda

Sat Chit Ananda

God is Sat Chit Anand (1988-0106)… Truth, Attention, Joy, or together, the Spirit (1981-0928); It is the Joy, and it is the Truth (it tells you the truth all the time… it gives you discretion), and it is the Chit, the Attention, that acts, that works, that gives you all the information; The manifestation of the Spirit is Hitakari – it is benevolent, it gives benevolence to you, and to others also… the second part of it, i.e. what benevolence we have done for others, is very important (1988-1226)

Sat Chit Ananda… these are Sanskrit words… is the Superconsciousness… the All Pervading Power; In between the thoughts is a space, called Vilumba… and in that Vilumba if you can stop… then you get to the conscious mind… and there… the Sat Chit Ananda is the condition of mind, you can say, or the state of mind where there is no thought… but you are aware… Nirvichara. That is the first stage… the first thing that happens when your Kundalini rises above the Agnya chakra… when it enters into the Limbic area… at that time the attention just touches the ‘Sat’ point (1977-0215); I am giving you a very slow picture… as it happens… but normally the Kundalini shoots off, in most people… but in some it does not; Now… when the Kundalini crosses the door of Agnya chakra… then you get into the state of thoughtless awareness… but at this state, to leave the Kundalini is not a good thing… because the Kundalini can start moving to this side or to that side… can go to the Supraconscious… or to the Subconscious… where they can get into the Siddhis… like they can predict… or, they can see me as light… or as a waterfall… or as an iceberg, if they have been to the Supraconscious… or if they have been to the Subconscious… they can start seeing things… like they see me as who I was – but at this stage, you just touch the Sat point; So at that state, I would not like to leave your Kundalini… I am very anxious always that it should come out of the Brahmarandhra… at that state, you start getting the Vibrations (1977-0215)

When the Kundalini… touches the Spirit… the light of the Spirit spreads in the central nervous system… but only the chitta part… the outer part is the chitta part… means the attention part. At that stage, when the Kundalini opens the Brahmarandhra… at that time you feel the vibrations… from your own hands… and from the another person also… because you become collectively conscious… collectively conscious only… because… out of Sat Chit Ananda, you just touch the Chit point… so you start feeling your Chitta becoming the Chitta of the collective consciousness… and then you can feel another person’s Kundalini… you can feel it on the fingers, what is happening… which chakras are catching… you can diagnose yourself… so you just feel the Chitta part, not the Ananda part (1977-0215)

Then… at the Nirvikalpa state… the collective consciousness becomes very subtle… at that state you can understand the very deep significance of something… the Reality starts becoming clearer… you start understanding the working of the Kundalini. In Nirvikalpa, you need not put your hands towards a person… you know where it is… what is happening – you have no doubts… mastery starts. Such people are very satisfied people… they do not grumble about small things… they live in a big way… they have no time for outside gross things… such people are the ones who are going to create a pillar for Sahaja Yoga. They cannot tolerate anything against your Mother… or Sahaja Yoga… and they can get into a tremendous temper… if somebody tries to do something like that. After Nirvikalpa, the Ganesha becomes really Jagrut… and such a person is beyond temptation. Once you get into the Nirvikalpa state… the Ananda starts working also… your consciousness becomes that Ananda… and at that stage, the complete Realisation takes place… and then you can control everything; Now beyond that… is God Realisation… and there are three stages to that also… but just now, I have told you the Sat Chit Ananda state (1977-0215)

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