If you have Lakshmi Principle in you, you will feel extremely satisfied with everything that is materialistic… if you have something, well and good… if you don’t have, well and good. We have to be satisfied with what we have… and we should express our love by giving something, whatever it is, to the needy person. I have seen myself… I find it difficult to buy anything for myself – if it’s expensive, I think I should not buy (1996-0716)

Without satisfaction, you cannot have compassion… you have to be satisfied Souls… then your compassion will act. Now try to see that you don’t ‘want’ anything any more… now, lets give… we’ve had enough of it… that’s very important to understand – give to others… your friends… it’s very touching you know (1996-0710)

So be satisfied… and if you are satisfied, you will really enjoy your family life. The woman who is not satisfied, always finds faults with others… always is demanding something… can never make a good wife… and can never make a good society (1997-1231); Given to us by the principle of Lakshmi (1996-0716)

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1996-0710 Airport Talk/Mahalakshmi Puja ’96 Vienna/Moscow

– end – 27 Apr 2003