Is given to us by God, so that we may save time… have more time for our inner life, for meditation (1978-1115); Scientific people deal only with a wee part of life… that which science is… is that part where you are dealing with that which is dead (1979-0720); Which has done nothing so far, only dead work… which has made you ego oriented (1979-0928); The whole of science is subservient to Sahaja Yoga (1979-0928); Science is amoral, meaning that it is not bothered (about morality – Ed), but when it comes to Divine Force, the science is perfect – you cannot challenge it, and you can easily verify it; There are many doctors in Sahaja Yoga, and they have seen with their own experiences that many patients who were supposed to be incurable are cured, and many drug addicts got alright overnight without paying for it, and without taking any medicines, but just they got alright through their own power of Kundalini (1998-0705)

Science has given us an understanding that there is a power which we cannot comprehend through our rationality… even Einstein says that ‘I could not find the Theory of Relativity in the laboratory’… but that when he was lying down playing with the soap bubbles, then the whole ‘Theory of Relativity’ dawned upon him… so whatever knowledge has come to us, has not come through so-called scientific research, but through the Grace of some Power. Science cannot explain many things (1979-0608.1)

Science originates from a right side form of seeking, where mantras and shlokas were recited to excite the elements, to gain their benediction, and also to gain a control over them. In this way, 12000 years back in India, there was an advanced technology of weapons and missiles. In Columbia also, they used a similar right sided approach, in conjunction with the use of a non-habit forming intoxicant, that took them into states where they knew there was something beyond – they kept all the time the assumption that there was God, and so did not deviate too much. This type of seeking led to discoveries, coming through the Unconscious, through which Science has come about (1979-0530)

In Russia, the scientists are very open hearted. At the time of Stalin they were all arrested, and whilst in confinement they developed the subtler side, and found out about the auras of human beings… that human beings have auras… and from their auras you can diagnose their diseases; One scientist there came forward and said… I’ve seen your photo… he said he’d proved it… you have to go to a physical vacuum state, which Jung has described as ‘thoughtless awareness’, for Reality to be understood. They have said that they have seen the Cosmic Energy emitting out of my head; They call the All Pervading Power of Divine Love as the Cosmic Energy… they may call it by any name… and that it is this Divine Love of God which is the energy that runs this whole Universe (1998-0705)

It is predicted by an astrologer, Bujandar that after the birth of a great Mahayogi, that Science will establish the existence of God, that the Divine Knowledge and the Science will become one (1982-0130)

When talking to scientists… to Nuclear Physicists… they must be told in their own language only… and so we can talk to them. They think that… ‘physical laws act – there are so many physical laws which act, in the physics’… now… ‘who has made those laws’! They see what laws are acting… that’s what they see… but who has made the laws! Or, we can say… ‘we have to see where have we reached… when we started discovering science… the science has produced we can say… the atomic bomb… or… the computer… but we have not been able to produce any computer like say a human being’ – this is the second point. But… ‘by scientific advancement… we have created people who are very imbalanced… they are so volcanic… so criminal. Human beings are fighting amongst themselves… even the animals do not fight the way human beings fight. So why has scientific research gone on towards destructive research… why we always end up like this… there must be some reason – that the controlling point within us is missing’. So there has been no integrated progress… no ‘all-sided’ progress… so we have not progressed at all… because progress is to be known by… how we relate to each other. ‘In any evolutionary process… everything manifests on the central nervous system… and so this… also manifests… and you really become collectively conscious’ (1986-0707.2)

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