Seeing Things


Seeing Things

If you start ‘seeing things’… that means you are not ‘there’ – if say, I am on top of the mountain, then I’m there… but if… I am not there… if I’m away from the mountain… then I can see it. The more you ‘see’ something… that means you are away from that (1997-1005); If you see things before Realisation… that means you are a possessed person… somebody else is giving you ideas. After Realisation… if you start seeing certain things… then it has some meaning (1977-0215)

A person who has moved out to the Subconscious areas… if he comes to me… he can see who I was in my previous life… I do not have to convince him… he can be very enamoured by me… this happens to people if they move out onto the left hand side… that is, into the past (1977-0215); If they have moved out to the Supraconscious areas… they can see me as light. They see all the five elements… they may see me as a waterfall… or as an iceberg – they start seeing the Tanmatra… or you can say the causal essence of the elements (1977-0215); There are three areas, which are very dangerous… where we should not enter into… the Supraconscious… the Subconscious… and down below… is the Hell (1983-1001)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1977-0215 Talks about Sat Chit Anand, Delhi poor 65 1983-1001 Santa Cruz interview good 45

1997-1005 The Main Qualities to imbibe, Navaratri, Cabella good 80

– end – 22 Apr 2003