The basic seeking power is humility… if you think you know everything, you cannot humble down… and you cannot seek. Even if you seek, you don’t want to follow anybody else’s path… you’ll have your ‘own’ path… you’ll do whatever ‘you’ want to do (2000-0507); Starts with seeking firstly for food, and for primitive things, then for sex life, for women, for men, then for power, for money, and ultimately for Spiritual satisfaction – when the Spiritual seeking starts we do not know, why we are seeking (1978-1005); Forms of seeking include also: politics, love from one’s children etc. (1983-0131); Our seeking is in the centre, but it is over now (1981-1103; 1979-0616)

Seeking is a fashion in the West, but is also genuine in many (1979-0507); The people in India are not seeking as you people are seeking. This is their big problem, because they think that they know everything about God and they don’t have to bother, while you are really seekers of truth… no doubt about it (1988-1203); This is what you have been seeking isn’t it… you wanted to change the world… do you know why you wanted that… because you have been seekers in previous lives of very high quality. That’s why you have been seeking… alright some mistakes, doesn’t matter… but don’t forget your calibre… and don’t stoop down to lower level… and you took birth in this country (England – Ed)… feel that confidence (1979-1111)

The by-products of the activity of the 2 side channels, the left and right sympathetics, form two balloons, of ego and superego, which close over at the top of the head, and separate us off from the Divine – and so we start seeking, like a small chick seeks it’s mother when she is hidden from it’s view. We are seeking the Spirit, the Self, that which is beyond, which lies in the heart, and which has to come into our conscious understanding. This feeling that we have to seek something, comes from the Unconscious – because we are to be born again (1979-1203)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

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1979-0616 Dr Johnson House, Birmingham not good 55 1979-1111 Meaning of Yoga, Dollis Hill good 50

1979-1203 When You meet Me – Caxton Hall good 35

1981-1103 You must grow fast in S Yoga, Brahman Ct [Fr. translation] good 75 1983-0131 Nabhi Chakra, Delhi good 80

2000-0507 30 years of Sahaja Yoga, Sahastrara Puja, Cabella Good

– end – 28 Jul 2003