Self Importance


Self Importance

There may be some… in Sahaja Yoga today… who think they are great Sahaja Yogis, big people… but maybe they are not… and those who do not think that they are anything great… that they want to increase and improve their shakti… they may be the people who are occupying very high places. So, under these circumstances… one should never boast… and should not have wrong, false estimation about oneself… that is the way you can preserve your powers much better, of your Vishuddhi (1980-0127.2)

So that’s how your Vishuddhi Chakra’s problems are increasing… and they go on increasing, especially when you try to confuse yourself… and quarrel with yourself… and think that Sahaja Yoga has gained by your coming… then you catch on Vishuddhi. ‘You’ have gained, not Sahaja. By accepting truth, ‘you’ are enhanced… ‘your’ position has gone up… not the position of the truth. So this idea, from you head must go, right away… that you have any way obliged Sahaja Yoga… or that you have obliged God by coming to him (1980-0127.2)

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– end – 17 Jun 2003