We have to find out what is our problem, where is the Kundalini stopping. We can feel it within ourselves – if not within ourselves, then on our fingers (1979-1118); The cool breeze is all around us… and we can feel it in our hands, if the Vishuddhi centre is alright (1982-1008); You can feel the Vibrations of others also. Their problems can show on their vibrations – you can see. If you work on a person’s Vishuddhi which is in problem, then he will start to feel the vibrations. You may also feel vibrations coming out of the top of a person’s head, but he may even so, still have problems (1979-0416)

When the attention is absolutely ‘one’ with the Atman, with the Spirit, then there is a manifestation of Vibrations… you start getting the Cool Breeze in your hands (1978-1002); If you start to think, you will lose it (1979-1203); Societies which are more ‘natural’, have more sensitivity in Spirituality, than those in an artificially, brainwashed or materialistic atmosphere (1979-0530)

Now how will you know that these vibrations are telling you the truth… it’s very simple if you understand the common sense of ‘relativity’… like… bring two mad people, absolutely certified as mad… and two sane people… now you put your hands towards the people who are mad… you will get horrible burning… maybe in the whole hand… on the left hand side. You get maybe ten cases like that. Now you ask the question… ‘is there God’… and you start getting Cool Breeze flowing into you… or… ‘is this power… All Pervading’… you start getting Cool Breeze flowing into you. That is how you find out which is the truth (1980-0721)

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– end – 22 Mar 2003