Sex Points


Sex Points

Shri Krishna said, thousands of years back that the human awareness, the Chaitana, grows downwards… and the roots of the Chaitana or awareness, is in the brain. In our Sahaja Yoga, we consider three chakras as the lower chakras, or centres… the Nabhi… the Swadisthan… and the Mooladhara. First one is the Nabhi Chakra, where a person starts seeking… food, shelter, all life’s necessities… and either he can go upwards or downwards. The essence of this centre is Swaha, meaning the consumption. So all those people who started developing… started consuming. Then they went to the second chakra, the Swadisthan… where they started entering into space… that is Antariksha… and tried to find out what is on the Moon… what is on Jupiter. Now the third awareness has grown… into the Mooladhara… and so the attention went to this horrid thing called sex… and in the west, people have become nothing but sex points. I’ve seen it everywhere… that just filth exists. With this downward movement… what do we expect people to be – they have to be violent. If you make them worse than animals… what will happen… they have to be cruel, despotic… and after this… the next step is Hell… Nagasaki… or anything (1986-0224)

The Tantrikas in India… all these who are nowadays (the False

– Ed) Gurus, were tantrikas once upon a time… in the 6th century. I ask you… they think that human beings are nothing but sex points… that they have nothing else, in them. Even an amoeba has something more than that (1979-0608.1); These tantrikas have no relationship with our ancient scriptures… for example, Ravana will never mention any of our ancient scriptures… he has no relationship with any Deities… does he mean to say he has nothing to do with Christ… with God… with anyone… but only with sex (1979-0200.1)

Ravana… is teaching you how to insult your Mother (1979-0200.1); Just he is telling you to go and do sex like this… I cannot understand how can you ask for a guru like this… even a dog and a bitch knows… don’t debase yourselves… you are the Spirit… you are not sex points. He will lead you to impotency… he will destroy you completely (1979-0200.1)

You people… really… are you only sex points. What is sex… any Tom, Dick or Harry can do sex… are you now sex points… if you do it in a wrong way… you will have diseases… you will have impotency… no children will be born to you if you misuse it; It’s another kind of Hitlerism… another kind of cruelty to human beings, you see… you will be enticed… absolutely, you would not find out… you would not know, that this is a mistake. You’ll get into it… and then you will realise it is a mistake… it’s a destruction of your own being. By wars you have destroyed others… by this you will destroy yourself; Alright, I don’t say suppress it… that’s all nonsense, I agree… but this is another extreme – one is the suppression of sex… but the other is even worse. God is in the centre (1979-0200.1)

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Chakras affected: Mooladhara

– end – 17 Mar 2003