There is a sanctity about it. It is meant for a happy married life… and for having children. For leading a very happy and a good life, you must have a good sex life. In India… we never think of sex, and all this nonsense… it’s spontaneous… we do not read about it. Sex is a very sacred relationship with your wife… when you are with your wife, you see, you indulge into it… that’s all (1979-0200.1)

All these people who came on this Earth… said that you lead a clean life and a sensible married life… it is not permitted to have adulterous life in any religion whatsoever… because adulterous life brings forth all kinds of problems for the sex… for spoiling the last chakra – people can become impotent… or, over exited… or could become suffering from all the troubles of this centre… for which you know the diseases… so one has to lead a very clean wonderful married life. Marriage is supported and sanctioned by the collective… it is sanctioned by God Almighty… so, that kind of a life, that kind of a sexual life, is a sensible one… one should not get a shock out of it. When I say this in the west, people really don’t like it… but I am your Mother… I have to tell you the truth. Whatever you have done is done… finished… doesn’t matter… but now you should come to your sanity… because there are all these horrible satanic diseases waiting just to work it out. All the great Saints of India were married and had children… except for some people like Buddha, who died very early… he had to take a Sanyasa because of his work. Then we had Kabira, Nanaka… all of them were married people (1982-1008)

If you go towards sex… and try to come to God… it is absolutely the wrong thing… it is the most dangerous thing – if you go through sex… then you open yourself absolutely to Hell (1983-1001); Sex plays no part in Kundalini awakening, being a function controlled by the Mooladhara chakra, situated below the Kundalini (1981-1005); Is a wholly private function (1981-0928); Interest in the other sex all the time is not a sign of chastity – it’s horrid, it’s ridiculous… you become stupid (1985-0901); Any Guru who is interested in women or sex is not a real Guru, but is an anti-Guru (1979-0530)

If somebody has planted into you that Kundalini can be only risen through sex… he’s a Tantrika… sex has nothing to do with Kundalini… at all… it’s a wrong idea… she is your mother… the Eternal Mother that you have… she knows everything about you… you are the only child she has… and she is born again and again with you… how many of you would like to connect your mother with sex… that’s the worst thing that you can do to your mother (1977-1024.1; 1977-1024.3)

What is sex… any Tom, Dick or Harry can do sex… are you now sex points… if you do it in a wrong way… you will have diseases… you will have impotency… no children will be born to you if you misuse it; It’s another kind of Hitlerism… another kind of cruelty to human beings, you see… you will be enticed… absolutely, you would not find out… you would not know, that this is a mistake. You’ll get into it… and then you will realise it is a mistake… it’s a destruction of your own being. By wars you have destroyed others… by this you will destroy yourself; Alright, I don’t say suppress it… that’s all nonsense, I agree… but this is another extreme – one is the suppression of sex… but the other is even worse. God is in the centre (1979-0200.1)

Like you will be amazed… that in the western countries, the percentage of impotent people is so high… unbelievably it is like that… they talk so much about sex… and do ‘other’ things… it’s all talking… so much of impotency is settled in these western countries… and the diseases, the dirty diseases… which are caused by these indiscriminate sex activities are so much… that they have to be guarded against (1979-1202.3)

You see… if somebody says ‘give me the freedom to put both my hands into the electricity socket’… is this freedom. And I don’t understand what is the freedom they enjoy like this… because then, there is jealousy… you cannot go about with many girls, because there is jealousy… you cannot go about with many boys, because there can be murders. You see… why people murder… their ego is hurt… nobody says ‘alright you go ahead, have a boyfriend… I am very happy’ – no-one likes it… it hurts. They do it secretly… they cannot do it openly (1979-1202.3)

If it is freedom, it should be open… why is there secrecy about it. They’ll hide from the man with whom they are connected, and just do it secretly… this is not good… they are deceiving themselves… and they are deceiving another person. Deception… this is not freedom. When you put your eyes on somebody who belongs to someone else, then you are thieving. In the registration office, it is said… that you are the wife of such and such… then… your husband is the owner… or you are the owner of your husband… I mean this relationship is between the two… but if some sort of a relationship is to be established like a thief… then you do it secretly… it is not registered anywhere… you understand my point… otherwise, they become absolutely shameless… abandoned (1979-1202.3)

The reason that people are so sex oriented, and are so sensitive to the touch of another… so that anybody touches them they get a funny feeling, is that the ‘other’ sensations (i.e. the sensations of relationships with others – Ed) are not developed within them… and that is because you always cuddle your ‘own’ child – the child only knows the mother, or the father. As a result of that, what happens is the child never feels the ‘other’ sublime relationships, with ‘others’. Then when you grow up, and you suddenly touch somebody… then… you cannot see… the ‘sublime’ thing (1985-0421)

In India, people give their children to sleep with their relatives… not with themselves. The psychological reason was that the child gets used to another man, another woman, whilst they are innocent… so then the relationship of innocence is developed, and nobody feels anything funny if somebody touches you (1985-0421)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003