If you are a possessed person, you won’t accept that you are possessed… but, the body knows me… and when you come before me, the whole body shakes… just like that (1979-1111); If the hands or body are shaking, then there is a problem, of negativity (1982-0711); If there is shaking of the hands, open the hands (1979-0507); If the eyelids are flickering, then keep the eyes open, and look at the Forehead of the Mother; To reduce the shaking, and soothe the individual, put the left hand on the centre of the stomach and the right hand towards Mother (1980-1027); Watch your hands, to see if they are shaking, or if there is heat on one of the hands. If the left hand is shaking, put the right hand on your heart. If the right hand is shaking, put the left hand on your stomach – with the right hand towards Mother (1983-0302); To see your own vibrations… how are you moving… put a paper on your hand, and you’ll see… it will start shaking, before my photograph (1997-1225)

When you reach the state of ‘Atit’, where you go ‘beyond’, where you do what is to be done, without paying attention to it, where you are indifferent to the body, in this state you can be angry with someone one moment, and the next moment it is forgotten. In this state, when someone who is not a good man comes before you, he will tremble before you – a man who is a liar, who has cheated others, will lose his tongue, a person who has adulterous eyes will, with no control over the mind as far as men and women are concerned, will have shaking in his eyes. Some will shake very much. All will be exposed before the light of a Satguru. When you reach this state, you don’t have to do anything about it, or fight them – they will just start shaking and jumping. Even if you lift your eyes, they will get into problems (1983-0725); Lunatics who come before the pure Divine Vibrations also shake (1982-0711)

Some people go on shaking their heads continuously to show that they understand… to say ‘yes’… when Mother is talking to you… it is a big ego business, and also is a big right Vishuddhi problem. You have to be very careful with your neck… should not move your neck too much… shrug your shoulders too much… whilst talking… that spoils your Vishuddhi completely (1987-1230.1)

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– end – 8 May 2003