Shesha as they call it, the Serpent which sleeps in the Bhavasagara… on which Shri Vishnu rests… the same Shesha had taken birth as Lakshmana… one of 2 brothers that Shri Rama had… I mean he had other brothers also… but Bharat and Lakshmana… these were 2 brothers… they show the 2 sides of a human being… and one was Lakshmana… he was the fiery type… he couldn’t bear anybody misbehaving towards Rama, even Parashurama… a contemporary Incarnation of Shri Rama. Now for a western mind… to them snakes are sort of… they can’t understand why people worship snakes. You see snakes are like cobra… cobra and all that are like the kings you see… they are the kings of the underground… and Shesha is the one who supports the whole Universe… so this Shesha is worshipped, as the cobras are worshipped in many villages in India even today. You see they don’t trouble anyone… sometimes they do… but mostly they do not bite a good religious man. Shesha is the one who is sometimes expressed in Sahaja Yogis I have seen as anger when you try to be nonprotocolish… or when you try to be funny, or you don’t behave yourself… that’s the Shesha in them… that is also sometimes needed – you have to be a Shesha sometimes because otherwise people will start misbehaving, and by that they will be harmed… not that I will be harmed, but that they will be harmed (1982-0402)

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1982-0402 Shri Rama’s birthday – Chelsham Road good 70

– end – 19 Oct 2003