Who is unlimited compassion, and whose wife is Shri Parvati (1995-0226), the sister of Shri Vishnu; Shiva’s sister is Shri Saraswati (1985-0901); Is the Destroyer, is Innocence personified, who beautifies, and gives joy. He who puts lights into Mother’s Photos, who creates aesthetics, makes the vibrations; Who resides in our heart (1991-0002); Who can neutralise poisons (1989-0527); Who gives Sat Chit Anand; Who gives longevity and who teaches, by receding from the heart (1983-0211); Shiva is the Guru… Parvati is the Shakti. Shiva is to be taken as Guru… Shiva is the one who is our Guru… he is our Spirit (1981-0904); The Unity, or as called in Sanskrit, Yukti… of your attention, called as Jiva… and your Spirit, called as Shiva… is the Yoga. These two must meet… unless and until they meet, you cannot reach your Absolute (1979-1009.1); Ham Sakshat Shiva Parvati (1980-0809)

He is a God who is full of love… full of tremendous compassion… but also the another extreme of very destroying character. His anger, if it starts… showing wrath on people of that character and that type… who are trying to create all kinds of violence, corruption and immoral behaviour… all these criminalities that are going on around us… I don’t know how anyone can save from his wrath. He can destroy the whole world… if he gets into a temper (2000-0206)

You must be knowing the story how he went into ecstasy… there was a devil who had taken the form of a child… and a mother cannot kill the child… she cannot… and she thought she won’t be able to save the world from the wrath of Shiva, if he sees the whole world destroyed by this devil… so she withdrew from her act of sacrificing the child… and it was Shiva who took over… and he just stood on the back of the child, and killed him. The child was a devil… and so he saved the world from the destruction of this horrible Rakshasa… and then he danced with joy… what they call the cosmic joy. Many people don’t understand why he is standing on top of a little child… but the reason was this. So even people can camouflage today as small children… as very innocent people… as very ‘holy’ gurus… Shiva can destroy all of them (2000-0206)

This destruction has already started, and is going with full speed I think all over… through the so many things that are happening. We have got hurricanes… storms… earthquakes… many accidents… and so many destructive things are working out… which are the outcome of Kalki incarnation. But at the same time, there is another work going on, of the same incarnation… is the resurrection of the people… such people can never be hurt… nothing can happen to them… they will always be saved… because they are under the protection of their Mother (2000-0206)

Now the problem is… how can we the Sahaja Yogis deal with such people… to see that they go out of the circulation of evolution… only solution is… to ‘Raise the Kundalini’. If you raise the Kundalini of human beings who are even very bad and ‘gone cases’… either they will be destroyed… or they will be saved, and they will become good people. If Sahaja Yogis meditate and keep themselves in complete peace… and also completely surrendered… nothing can happen to them… they are always protected… and you all have experiences of that protection… but first you should have faith in yourself… and complete surrendering to Sahaja Yoga (2000-0206)

Every country is today under the control of these negative forces… what we have to do is to make people positive through Kundalini awakening… this you all can do… this you can achieve. For this you don’t have to do something special… in day to day life you can achieve it… and you should do it… and you all can do it… all of you… in a very sincere and good manner… so that this wrathful temperament of Shiva… as they say the third eye of Shiva won’t open… because that’s something horrible. We all can do it in a very constructive manner. What we should do is first of all establish our own Shiva Principle… is the principle of joy… principle of love… and principle of truth I should say (2000-0206)

Now Vishnu is there… his power is there for you to rise up to the Shiva Principle… one is supplementary for another… you cannot reach Shiva without Vishnu… and you cannot stick to Shiva’s Principle, if you have not understood Vishnu’s Principle. Kundalini itself rises through the Sushumna Nadi… and she is the Principle, she is the Tattwa of Shiva… and she rises through the channel that is made by Vishnu, out of the evolutionary process. So how can you do away with one of them… one is the road… another is the destination (2000-0206)

So I hope you understand how important it is that your centres should be corrected… your road should be alright… that your Sushumna should be cleared… because we are Madyamargis… we have to go by the centre… by the central path… til you reach your Talubhag… where sits Sadashiva. When these two powers meet… or when you reach Shiva Principle through the Vishnu Principle, then you realise that these two powers are so complimentary… and so much related to each other… there’s no difference in a way between the two powers. So keep your road, the Madyamarga clean… and let the Kundalini pass through it. When the Kundalini will pass through it… you will be amazed that… the same Kundalini is going through the Vishnu path and reaching at the Lotus Feet of Shiva (2000-0206)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003