Technique, taught by Mohammed, and is used to combat the ego (1997-0316); Never be proud of your ego… beat yourself 108 times… shoebeat 108 times (1981-0524); If you feel angry and aggressive, take a chapel (an Indian term for the footwear that they wear – Ed) and shoebeat yourself (1995-1224); For right side problems, beat with shoes (1987-0408); Is to be used for all fanatics (1978-1005); Every morning you must beat yourself with shoes… if you have a chance, do it… that’s how you cleanse… that’s a part (1980-0907); Beat the false gurus with shoes (1979-1118)

If you start to feel negative, you should go and shoebeat yourself, or take a pillow and beat it hard (1978-1005); When I tell to some people, they’ll say ‘I know Mother… I know I do that’. Then why do you do it… that means you are possessed… you are a possessed person. That you know this is wrong… still you are doing it… then you are a possessed person. Then it’s better you beat yourself with shoes (1980-0927); After so many years, if you are possessed, then I think you should beat yourselves every day 108 times… it’s a very low grade behaviour (1983-0821)

As far as possible, elders should not be beaten with shoes… you can ask somebody older than them, to beat them with shoes (1980-1205)

You go out [In Hindi: and write down on the earth the name ‘Mahesh Yogi’]
[In Hindi: and you give bandhans seven times with hand saying, “Mataji, Mataji, Mataji” and then hold in your right hand, hold the left slipper. Use only this for the purpose. Don’t use that slipper for anything else. Rubber slippers are good and hit it 21 times, then leave the slipper. With the other slipper, there are two slippers.
Hit with the left slipper. Next, write your name on the ground and give a bandhan seven times and take the right slipper in the right hand and hit it seven times.]
Now don’t use these slippers for wearing. Use these slippers again and again for this purpose. Rubber slippers are good. So that the effect goes. The effect stays for a long time. It is terrible stuff. (1990-1103)

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– end – 17 Mar 2003