Christ only once went into temper, which he had a right to do… when he saw people selling things in the temple… same thing we have here (Ganapatipule – Ed). If you don’t go and buy things from them, they will be lost… but you only go and buy things from there because you have a habit of shopping; Anywhere people go they must shop… it’s a habit… shopping they must do. They will not see the greenery… the beauty of the Nature… nothing; I never used to shop… but, when I have so many children, then I have to shop… but not the way that every place is for shopping. What is there to shop here… when you have come here for your Spiritual growth – in Mecca do they have shops. This is the Holier than Holy – why should you go to these shops I can’t understand. I’ve told them not to have shops… but you people are the ones who encourage them to make money out of us. Nothing essential to buy there. You have come to the Holy occasion… here you have come for your worship. As it is we went to Delhi… you could have bought there… or at Bombay… but not in this place. We cannot make this place Bombay or Delhi… otherwise, why should we come here. That’s why Christ took a hunter and beat them, who were selling things near the church (1997-1225)

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