Showing Off


Showing Off

Comes from left Vishuddhi… because you want to overcome your left Vishuddhi, so you do it… and then it is added to (1985-0901); The showing off of the body is a subtle type of prostitution (1979-0422); If you start talking too much to others, showing off about the powers that you have got, then these powers will be disappearing gradually (1983-0113)

Somebody who is a show-off… you see he must say something to show off all the time… now another show-off should run away from him… he should sit with a person who is a shy person – this is very different style from that of the negative people… because in negativity, two negatives must join together… nicely… to become real negative. But in Sahaja Yoga, two opposites must meet… to be good Sahaja Yogis – but this must be done in complete freedom… in complete understanding (1977-0126.1)

Some people have a habit of coming forward too much all the time… to be in the public…to be there all the time – tell yourself… ‘there’s no need… this is not the way… it’s not sahaj… why are you going forward all the time… why are you trying to show off… if you are called, better go’. Ok… is done… is done… don’t worry about it… but next time… ‘why did I do it… alright, next time I’m not going to do it (1985-0310); Use your right Vishuddhi to shout at yourself: ‘Now will you please stop talking all this nonsense… stop showing-off’ (1983-0113)

Tape References:

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– end – 17 Mar 2003