Shri Chakra

Shri Chakra

A right side chakra; Right side power (1983-0204); On 5th May 1970… the collective phenomenon started working… and the greatest of these was that the Shri Chakra, being on this Earth, could be felt through your fingers… this was never before so – nobody felt the vibrations on the fingers as such… but they felt it within themselves. Now, because the Sahastrara of the Universe was opened out, everybody started feeling the vibrations around them with their own hands – now the fingers… could feel the vibrations… that means the sensitivity of the Divine which was in the chakras spread out to the periphery to such an extent that a human being could feel it on the fingers… this was fantastic (1980-0505)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1980-0505 Sahastrara Day, Dollis Hill Good

1983-0204 Sahastrara, Delhi (+ Q&A: 10 mins) good 60

– end – 10 May 2003