Shri Lalita Chakra


To understand fundamentally the left side when it reaches up to Vishuddhi… on the left side the Lalita Chakra, to manifest itself. (1990/12/17)

the Goddess Shri Lalita, which is the goddess of beauty. She is the joy giving, Sarvanandamaya. Gives the joy from everything. In every created world, in every particle, in every form, there is a power which gives us joy. This power is the power of Shri Lalita. She is called as Mahatripurasundari, Para [highest], Para Atirahasya Yogini, means ‘Para Para Atirahasya [secrets]’, ‘the One who knows the secrets.’ The ‘Para’. ‘Para’ means ‘the one that is beyond of the beyond’, the secrets of that area. The one who knows is Shri Lalita, who is the Yogini. At this state She is Bindu Sarvanandamaya. She is the dot [Bindu] which is joy giving. (1978/10/14)

She took Her incarnation to fight the evil forces to save the bhaktas from the domination of satanic and depraving personalities. She is there within you also. If not awakened She can be awakened. She is all the time there to save you from those satanic forces. (1976/01/23)

Parvati, wife of Shiva, the power of Shiva takes Her place here, to help these struggling evolutionary human beings who are trying to evolve themselves, to protect them from the satanic, from the demonic forces. She’s known as Lalita. (1977/02/22)

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