Problems with Hamsa can include shooting headaches on one side, or sinus problems, and may result from being overloaded with decision making. Avoid eating anything that is sharp or sour (MME); Sinus trouble… is a left side problem (1980-0517.2)… and may result from dry conditions in home or workplace, and can be corrected by the use of butter, ghee or oil in the nose. Butter is good for sinus problems, and can be administered warm with a dropper, to the inside of the nose… just one drop in each nostril, morning and evening… for 3 to 4 days, when it lines the inner dry and cracked membranes. Butter is softening in it’s effect (1981-0330; 1984-1005; 1987-0408)

The Hamsa chakra is a very material thing… and has to be worked on, on a material level only… and is where you get troubles like sinus, colds and coughs, and all that… and can result from the drying up of the nose… because of the use of central heating. Now… what you are doing actually… is to neglect certain laws of nature… like…in London, or anywhere… it’s all heated up inside the rooms… too much it is… it’s very dry… we all know that in England we have to have a humidifier isn’t it. Just leave some water or something, or fill a tub in the bath and keep it open… so there is humidity in the room (.0011)

What do you say about him… he has got a Hamsa chakra… tell him to put his attention here at the top of the head… he has sinus troubles… no… then Pranayama he must have done… sinus… then Hamsa is the one that is catching… just at the Hamsa… the Kundalini has gone… now put your finger on the Hamsa… in between the eyebrows (1984-0622)

Tape References:

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Chakras affected: Hamsa

– end – 5 Oct 2002