Skin Troubles


Skin Troubles

The way you expose your body to the Sun… is very wrong… you’ll develop skin cancer. You shouldn’t burn your skin so much… it’s not a good thing you know (1979-0200.1); It is not proper to sit in the Sun too much. Too much of Sun is not good (1983-0302); No use going to the sea, making your body brown… and then suffering from cancer of the skin… this kind of stupidity is also very much fashionable (1997-0823.1); Also to avoid sitting in the Sun, so the brain does not get melted (1983-0204); Right sided people should not sit in the Sun… they should sit in the Moonlight (1988-0921)

Geru… is a kind of a red coloured stone, which is very very hot… and supposing with the cold sometimes you develop those rashes… so if you put Geru those rashes are… or you get bhoota-baddha sometimes… some sort of skin diseases which are cured with Geru… because it is the one which is very hot, and it soothes you down (1990-0831)

In Sahaja Yoga marriage… there is a custom of applying haldi, a kind of yellow powder… which is very good for the skin – if you have any sort of problem on the skin… any scratching or anything… mosquitoes… you are comforted during the wedding time (1984-0829.1); The Neem trees that grow in India, are very good for driving out all the baddhas. It has a very bitter taste and the baddhas run away from it. If you have scabies or any skin trouble, then boil the water with this and take a bath. It’s a very bitter thing… if you don’t allow the water to go in your mouth, then it’s perfectly alright… it’s very good… it’s a very medicinal thing. It’s called as Neem (1988-1207); Is very important to have cotton fabrics for young children – artificial fibres are bad for the skin (1982-0711)

Vishuddhi chakra looks after so many things, especially your skin, your eyes… people who have bad Vishuddhi can have all kinds of funny troubles with their skin… of course it has to do with your liver, but skin is… the way it shines… the way it glows… depends on how you smile… how you look at the world. Many people have a habit of smiling for nothing at all… especially women I have seen… they just smile stupidly… that’s not proper… one should not be stupid… stupidity is against Shri Krishna (1986-0823)

Allergies of the skin can be the result of a lethargic liver, resulting from a left side imbalance of the Swadisthan Chakra (1984-0313); Skin troubles… may develop in a right sided person… in which the skin is sallow (1983-0209)

What is the subtle of water is… I mean… which makes the skin… the hard skin, soft… the skin becomes soft… this is another sign of a Realised Soul. But then a person, who is a Realised Soul becomes very soft, very delicate… when he talks to somebody, in his voice there is warmth… or I should say… in your dealings with others… you should be like the water… which is mobile… which is cooling… soothing… cleansing (1998-1216)

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Chakras affected: Swadisthan

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