Sleeping Off


Sleeping Off

I have already given you a very long lecture or speech as you call it… some reactions were very good, and some could absorb it very well… but some, they said, were sleeping. Now these things happen because of negativity… and you have to fight your negativity… because negativity is a thing that asks questions – and when I am talking, I am telling the truth… the Absolute Truth – but, it asks questions… and it reflects. When it starts reflecting, nothing goes in the head… because, you are left with the ‘past’ sentence… and the ‘present’, you are not with it. So the whole thing boils down to something like an escape… and you sleep off. Now I tried my level best to put you onto your conscious mind… because you have to be conscious… you have to be alert. Unless and until you are conscious, you cannot ascend… any abnormal person cannot ascend… you have to normalise yourself (1986-0504)

Those who were dozing out should know that they are left sided. Those who went off to sleep… who were struggling at that time… may not have understood. It’s a very difficult and a subtle subject… but those who have been like that should look after themselves… should find out. One thing they can do is to put a candle near their left Swadisthan, a little far… and put one candle before the photograph… and put left hand towards the photograph, and right hand on Mother Earth… it works… and the candle at the back should be kept little far away because it makes sound, it goes this way, and that way… it burns. Those who have been taking drugs, not LSD, but other drugs, the drowsy people who feel sleepy, whose brains are destroyed by drugs… all those people can benefit a lot by this… do it every day (1986-0504)

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