Solar Plexus


Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus… which is the outer manifestation of the Nabhi chakra (1979-0722)… and has 10 sub-plexuses, or petals (1984-0718); Linked to water on one side and to fire on the other, with 10 valencies that give us our innate religion (1989-0801); It controls all the organs in the stomach area (1979-0616)… looks after all the viscera of the stomach, physically… and mentally it looks after other things… like with any extremism, it gets caught up… or with any fanaticism, or for example… starving, fasting, or eating too much (1979-0618)

Also you may start feeling a throbbing here (indicating the solar plexus area – Ed)… of course throbbing doesn’t mean that a person has cancer, but it’s one of the symptoms (1982-1008)

Tape References:

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1982-1008 We don’t have to suffer, Bedford – see 1982-1007(Video) Good 1979-0616 Dr Johnson House, Birmingham not good 55

1979-0618 Jim Proctor’s House, Leeds [not a talk – informal only] poor 50 1979-0722 Leeds at Jim’s House poor 45

1984-0718 Chiswick Town Hall [+33mins Q&A + incomp Experience] good 55 1989-0801 First Know Thy “Self”, Porchester Hall [+25 min Q&A] Good 50

– end – 17 Mar 2003