A speedy person is one who moves too much on the right hand side… leukaemia is caused more by speedy people… not so much by people who are futuristic, but more by people who are speedy… because the spleen acts for our emergencies. When you are thinking… the cells of the brain are replaced every minute… by the fat that is in your stomach, by this centre of Swadisthan (1982-1008)… so the control of the Swadisthan is diverted away from the organs, to the provision of fat cells… thus resulting in diseases such as blood cancer, and diabetes (1989-0801; 1987-0500)… so then this spleen loses it’s control completely… and it starts producing additional blood cells… more and more blood cells… and when they become too much, they start growing on their own. But… it can easily be cured… because when you put your hand on the spleen, if you are a Realised Soul, the energy flows… and the spleen settles down, because it gets new vitality… it gets the wisdom from these vibrations… because this is the energy which thinks, cooperates, organises, sorts out… and when given to this spleen, it becomes wiser… it rests… it becomes silent. Also if you give the person the balance with your hands… you can make the person much more relaxed, much more silent… that is how you can cure (1982-1008)

People, if they have to go to an airport for example, something enters into their body… they become speedy… suddenly… everybody… why… but it happens like that… that’s a very modern disease… it was not before. So they start seeing… that you are getting late… getting upset – but if you go on worrying like that, you don’t go… ‘beyond time’ (1998-0712)

Now the children get it, because the mother is like that… the mother must be a speedy lady. Today only, a lady told me… ‘my child is overactive… she’s so active that I don’t know how to control… it’s not a mental case… it’s a funny situation that she’s overactive’… so I said… ‘what were you doing when you were pregnant’… she told me… in the night, she used to work in the factory, and the whole day she used to work in the house. Imagine… you pay no respect to your pregnancy… what will happen… if the mother is so speedy, the child gets it. You see, the mother has an influence on the child isn’t it… the blood of the mother goes with the child… and that blood carries the message… that’s how the child gets it… and that’s very difficult to cure also. One has to know also, when you are pregnant, how to treat your children, how to be looking after your foetus. One has to know all these things… these are very important basic things which we do not know (1982-1008)

In a spiritual seeking… speed is not felt at all, you see… just be quiet… quietude is the best way to ascend… your speed will reduce actually… will come to a position where it is maximum for your quietude (1988-0921)

Destructive things always spread very fast (1979-0608.2)

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Chakras affected: Swadisthan

– end – 5 Oct 2002