The dead… people who have died, who hang around and cause problems (1981-0829; 1990-0811.1), and can cause lunacy (1989-0806); Who exist around the churches, because of the dead bodies buried there (1982-0711); That are the entities that are dealt with in Spiritualism, Parapsychology, and by the Charismatics (1982-0711); It was Christ who drove the ‘spirits’ into the pigs, so showing that we should have nothing to do with the dead, with the spirits (1981-0330); If the ‘cross’ is shown, the ‘spirits’ run away (1981-0330)

If you go into the Collective Subconscious, some of these busybodies… these dead spirits can catch hold of you… they can enter into your being… and they are the ones who give you this power of dowsing… you see that you start knowing there is water… because there are some spirits in you which can do it, you see. ESP and all those things, come from the same source. There could also be some on the right hand side… the Supraconscious ones, which are very aggressive – Hitler used them. He is the one who used these Supraconscious people… these very aggressive people… and enticed the poor German people and made them so aggressive (1982-1008)

These two areas… the Collective Subconscious, and the Collective Supraconscious… are to be avoided. For example… somebody sees auras around me… I would say he should not… it’s not proper… because then you are on the right side… but if you see some Gods and Goddesses around me, that also is not good… because you are seeing the left side, the past. What you have to be is in the centre… in the present. So all these things come to you from some busybodies… that they enter into your being… even these people who cure… these Spiritualists. All these are taking you to a realm which is not your own… it is somebody else… who is acting. Even a thing like Acupuncture… because acupuncture uses whatever energy is within you, of the sympathetics – this is the energy… which is all the time flowing, when you get connected to the mains… all the time it’s flowing within you (1982-1008)

When the Supraconscious spirits come in… you become over ambitious… you start getting ideas… how to organise… how to do this… how to… (1979-0609.3); There are some scientists, who have died… and who never were satisfied with the progress that they made… so they come and give you ideas… it’s all Supraconscious (1979-0609.3)

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– end – 25 Dec 2002