Spreading Sahaja Yoga


Spreading Sahaja Yoga

Those who are humble… who are kind… will attract more Sahaja Yogis… so it is important to change your temperament. If you try to show off, nobody is going to be impressed by you… if you think you are something very great, nobody is going to look at you. Be very humble, kind, generous… also very joyous. If you are really doing Sahaja Yoga, no sickness can come… no trouble can come… it is a fact… try to understand (2000-1231)

You should never go to extremes in anything – only in the middle or centre can Sahaja Yoga be worked out (1983-0131); If Sahaja Yoga has to spread collectively… it is only Love that is going to work it out… no other way we can do it. Love is a source of energy that makes things grow… is a living energy (1991-0728); Sahaja Yoga is not going to work by advertisement, by the Photo… but by your work, your responsibility in shouldering Sahaja Yoga to spread and establish it. Dynamism is going to impress; Running courses, knowledge without love, is not going to work – rather it should be love, with knowledge (1989-0611)

What I have seen… that we are very shy… shy about Sahaja Yoga… we are little shy to talk about Sahaja Yoga – you have to do it… you should start talking openly about it… if I was shy like you, Sahaja Yoga would not have spread. One should not feel shy about Sahaja Yoga… otherwise what happens… that it just melts away with you… don’t feel shy… you should talk about it… wear the badge… with the badge people will ask you questions… ‘who is this one’… then you talk to them… any way you like, you should expose yourself… and that will work out better (2000-0507); You should not show interest in people who have no interest in the photograph… if they are not interested in the photograph… just forget that person… you see that’s the best way (1979-1202.3)

If new people are not coming, maybe there is something wrong with you – we have to be smart people, and spartan. We have to be deep and impressive – change your lifestyles (1989-0611); A great understanding has to be within us, that we are growing within ourselves… but if we do not manifest, if we do not show our qualities, if we do not express it in our life, in our doing, in the meaning of our life, then Sahaja Yoga is not going to spread… nor is it going to help you much (1989-0423)

We must behave in a very gentle way – to attract others, have patience (1983-0725); You have to get more and more people – you won’t enjoy unless and until you get more people into it. But keep your dignity, your poise (1980-1116); When the magnetism of Shri Ganesha is awakened in you, you will be amazed, that people will start running towards your ashrams, instead of running away (1986-0907); We have all kinds of problems in Sahaja Yoga, especially when we find that people are not so much attracted to Sahaja Yoga, they are few in number… then you feel very bad about it. But have you tried to meditate on this point, and have you tried to put this problem to the Divine Power (1998-0510)

You have to do Sahaja Yoga, you have to spread it. You have to venture, without any fear, collectively and individually, forgetting as to what will happen – you won’t go to jails… you will not be crucified. This is your work… you have to do this and nothing else… it is important (1989-0423); You’ll have to go to churches… to Universities, and to all such congregations, where they have no idea about what they can achieve, and tell them without any fear, without any malice. You can talk to them… you should tell them how we are here to help, for your good… not for our good, but for your good… the Kundalini within you will be very happy to help you, and do the needful for the emancipation of the whole world (1997-0525); But supposing there are people from one family… so you don’t discuss Sahaja Yoga with them – either they will fight… or they will combine to be against Sahaja Yoga (1977-0126.1)

The ladies should try… they have to stand up in their own freedom… they have to be independent, and should have right ideas about everything… if the ladies come up in that way, Sahaja Yoga will spread very much. Men are working much more for Sahaja Yoga than women are… I can understand, because they have family, they have children… but the most important thing is that once you take to active Sahaja Yoga, then your children also come up well… the family’s also looked after. After all there is this Divine Power which looks after all of you… you must believe in this Divine Power (1998-0712)

The women have to go about to give Realisation to others… but men are more active that way, and women are not. Men are active, but don’t meditate… women meditate and men do outside work… it’s not going to work out… so one has to meditate, and one has to go out to spread Sahaja Yoga… both things have to be done. Supposing now you meditate, and you don’t spread Sahaja Yoga… you’ll never ascend… so if you’re not helping to the collective, the Kundalini says ‘alright… you are alright as you are’. The main activity should be… have we given Realisation to others (1997-0525); You don’t know what joy you get when you give Realisation to somebody… the most joyful moment is when you give Realisation to somebody… just try it… try once and you’ll enjoy it… and then you’ll want more and more and more (1997-0525)

A new century is starting, and so many things have to happen, and all of you must decide that you will do this or that… whatever is your understanding is, about spreading Sahaja Yoga, you should try to do… all of you should put your mind to it. If women can’t go out, they can write down something… they can write about their spiritual ascent, or about whatever their experiences are (1998-0712)

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