The Solar Plexus… which is the outer manifestation of the Nabhi chakra (1979-0722)… and has 10 sub-plexuses, or petals (1984-0718)… controls all the organs in the stomach area (1979-0616)… looks after all the viscera of the stomach, physically… and mentally it looks after other things… like with any extremism, it gets caught up… or with any fanaticism, or for example… starving, fasting, or eating too much (1979-0618)

The second subtle centre, the Swadisthan… which is actually the third centre arising from the Nabhi as on a stalk (1981-0928)… converts fat cells in the stomach for the use of the brain (1981-1005)… but also controls the liver, pancreas, spleen, uterus (1981-0928) and part of the intestines and kidneys (1987-0500), and also the ovaries (1984-0313) via control of the Aortic plexus (1987-0500); Now… when you are thinking, the cells of the brain are replaced every minute… by the fat that is in your stomach… by this centre of Swadisthan (1982-1008)… and so if the control of the Swadisthan is diverted… away from the organs… to the provision of fat cells… for the brain… this can result in diseases such as… diabetes from an unhealthy… pancreas (1989-0801; 1987-0500; 1981-1005)

The upper part of the abdomen or stomach… is the centre of your mastery over this power of Love, or Divine Vibrations… whilst the lower part of the abdomen… is the centre of Pure Knowledge, absolute and pure… which gets the knowledge about the roots and the knowledge how to work out this Divine Power… the laws that are Divine (1987-1116; 1984-0410); At Nabhi we say ‘I am my own master, I am my own Guru’… this will correct, if you have been dominated or misguided in your spirituality (1987-1116; 1984-0410; 1982-1008)

If there’s a tradition of dharma… then what happens… that the fat cells in our stomach get the experience… get charmed with the sense of virtue, of righteousness, of goodness, of innocence… and so you use that power to enlighten your brain, which surrounds actually as auras your heart. But if that is not so… it’s like a dead… another cell going in the head… and then experiences in dirty things… in doing something that is destructive (1985-0310)

Our attention, our awareness, is based in the stomach, in the void, and can be spoiled by drinking alcohol, reading bad books, following wrong or bad Gurus, fanaticism, identification with one religion to the exclusion of others, and by materialism; Adultery… is against one’s Dharma, and can spoil the void area in the stomach (1978-1005); We can become confused and wobbly when we drink alcohol, which is against our attention (1981-0328); Religion is in your stomach, is within you – that which is falsely made is not religion (1979-0507)

Your stomach is your Guru (1978-1005); All the Gurus, all the Prophets are in the Void, are in the stomach (1979-0720)… and which catches, when we have had the wrong type of a guru (1980-0727); Lakshmana resides on the right side of the stomach, and looks after the right side… and the liver, which gives us the ego part… and which he destroys (1986-1223); The place of the wife, in the subtle system, is on the left hand side of the stomach, in every human being (1978-1005)

Problems of the stomach area are helped by taking vibrated salt, which absorbs all that is mobile… for left side problems take salt; For problems of the right side… of the stomach area… take sugar – 5 of the dharmas are helped by salt, 5 are helped by sugar (1978-1005)

Watch your hands, to see if they are shaking, or if there is heat on one of the hands. If the left hand is shaking, put the right hand on your heart. If the right hand is shaking, put the left hand on your stomach – with the right hand towards Mother (1983-0302); If there is shaking of the hands, open the hands (1979-0507); If the eyelids are flickering, then keep the eyes open, and look at the Forehead of the Mother; To reduce the shaking, and soothe the individual, put the left hand on the centre of the stomach and the right hand towards the Mother; Nervousness… can result from too much thinking, and can be soothed down by placing the left hand on the centre of the stomach, and the right hand towards the Mother (1980-1027)

Water in which the Shri Ganesha Tattwa is enlightened, and which when applied to for example the eyes or taken into the stomach, it acts (1989-0808); We can use vibrated water to improve the attention, by drinking it so that it works on the void area; Water can be vibrated by Realised Souls, and when taken in by someone, can then make that person dharmic. If taken in repeatedly, then that person will not get cancer of the stomach. ‘Curing Waters’ are vibrated waters. Given to plants etc. will produce better crops (1978-1005)

When the Ekadesha Rudra becomes very strong… on the physical level, it can become… horrible troubles with the body… like cancer. Actually cancer can be felt on the stomach… you can feel the lub-dub on the stomach itself. If it is at the Nabhi place… you can feel the pulse, fast. Diseases like cancer… any destroying diseases… can start, which are very very fatal… because Ekadesha Rudra is the destroying power… the essence of destroying power. If it starts working on one side… it can spread to the other side also… so your Guru Tattwa must be respected. Even in Sahaja Yoga, if you just look after yourself, and don’t worry about others… then also your Guru Tattwa can be in trouble (0.0012); Also you may start feeling a throbbing here (indicating the solar plexus area – Ed)… of course throbbing doesn’t mean that a person has cancer, but it’s one of the symptoms (1982-1008)

Too much tea is very dangerous, it’s not good for you… so limit your tea taking. Because of this tea, your stomach goes out of order… you cannot sleep… it’s a wrong thing. You people take too much tea… it’s very injurious for the intestines… so much tea… is very wrong… plus milk with it… milk gives you diarrhoea. Limit your tea taking… or if you have to take many cups of tea, see that it is a very light tea. But this Marathi tea… only one cup in the morning is sufficient. So reduce your intake of tea. Water should be increased… more of water, less of tea; If you see how much our Mother takes tea… She may even take 10 cups… just to please us, but no sugar and no milk (1988-1221)

Mango juice is not so good for people who have diarrhoea – the Indians know… that it’s very hot, and creates heat in the stomach, though it’s very tasty (1988-1221); And don’t buy any food on the road or anything and eat there… so that your stomach is kept well, and you enjoy the best of health (in India – Ed) (1988-1207)

Also you can put the clay on the stomach to take out the temperature… it’s a natural way (1988-1221); Here in India we use the clay, to clean our hands, because the clay here is very good… just use the clay nicely… and clean your hands – it’s very important (1988-1221)

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