You must all individually also work it out that you study Sahaja Yoga in a way. In most of the tapes whatever I have said can be seen… found out… what is said about health… what is said about children… because I spontaneously say things… and if you can sort it out you will know so many things… I mean if you sit down and do a study of these tapes it will help you to find out so many little little things that are so important for life. You can clarify it… can note it down… that this Mother said about these things… it will be very good for us to sort it out this way… what point is to be noted down in different headings… can put different different headings, and jot it down. Mother has said so… Mother has said so… whatever is not on the tape you should not listen to… whatever is on tape is authentic… whatever is recorded already should be accepted (1989-0725)

We should have the desire to have the complete knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, and should never feel satisfied on that point (1991-0728), and we should be able to answer any questions (1985-0408); Everyone should have one tape each. Some people take one for the centre, and all listen, and that’s it… or one tape for the whole country. No, we must have one tape each – sit down and listen again and again – with pencil and paper, and see what I am saying. Every tape should be with you (1989-0611)

I am your Mother… I am your Guru… now as a Guru my main concern is that you should learn all about Sahaja Yoga… you should become experts of Sahaja Yoga… and you should become yourself the gurus… this is the only concern I have… but for that complete surrender is required… then only you can learn what is the way you will handle Sahaja Yoga (1990-0831)

You must learn from the people who have gone ahead… and have faltered… if you do not learn from them, then you are not wise (1979-0618); Sahaja Yoga is learned through experience, and through nothing else – you have to experience, and then believe into it. Those who have penetrating intelligence, penetrating love and emotions, penetrating movement of the understanding, they experience and learn… experience and learn. The experiences of Sahaja Yoga are the good conditionings, and to get these ‘best’ experiences, the first condition is of Rutumbhara Pragnya, where we have to be of that level that we get these experiences… otherwise we will be mundane type of person all of the time… and this starts with our meditation, and with the Samadhi ‘seed’, sprouting into the new dimension (1983-0723.3)

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– end – 19 Oct 2003