Area on left side of our being (1983-1001); A person who has moved out to the Subconscious areas… if he comes to me… he can see who I was in my previous life… I do not have to convince him… he can be very enamoured by me… this happens to people if they move out onto the left hand side… that is, into the past (1977-0215)

The left hand side channel, called the Ida channel, represents the Subconscious mind within you… you listen to me through your conscious mind… and put it back into the Subconscious mind… all your experiences go into the Subconscious… that is the limit of ‘your’ Subconscious of present… beyond that is your Subconscious of previous lives… and beyond that is the Collective Subconscious (1977-1121); When you listen to me… your conscious mind… receives it at this moment… and there is a pre-conscious mind which takes it to the Subconscious. This pre-conscious mind is on the right hand side (1977-1121)

There are three areas, which are very dangerous… where we should not enter into… the Supraconscious… the Subconscious… and down below… is the Hell (1983-1001)

Collective Subconscious

Area on far left of our being, containing all that is dead since our creation… whatever has gone out of our evolutionary process… all those big big animals… all are there within us… and also from which proteins 58/56 invade our being, causing cancer (1981-1005; 1983-1001); Which is a very dangerous zone. If you go to a guru who practices the left side, or take to clairvoyance, i.e. to someone who uses dead spirits, then you can get all sorts of diseases including cancer (1983-0302)

When you enter into the Collective Subconscious… any one of these spirits… these busy bodies… can catch hold of you… and once they catch hold of you, you are liable for any of these diseases. Especially, I have seen… if there’s a possessed person of course… they become mad… they get epilepsy… all these are possessed people. Epilepsy can be cured… all such mental problems, depression… can be cured… it’s not difficult at all… but one must know that if you are possessed, you must really work it out… and see to it that it goes away from you… and you become your ‘Self’. Multiple Sclerosis…a disease of the left side… so far I have seen three cases in England, which have been cured by Sahaja Yoga… and all of them had either the wife or husband possessed (1982-1008)

These dead spirits… they can enter into your being… and they are the ones who give you this power of dowsing… you see that you start knowing there is water… because there are some spirits in you which can do it, you see. ESP and all those things, come from the same source. There could also be some on the right hand side… the Supraconscious ones, which are very aggressive – Hitler used them. He is the one who used these Supraconscious people… these very aggressive people… and enticed the poor German people and made them so aggressive (1982-1008)

These two areas… the Collective Subconscious, and the Collective Supraconscious… are to be avoided. For example… if you see some Gods and Goddesses around me, that is not good… because you are seeing the left side, the past. What you have to be is in the centre… in the present. So all these things come to you from some busy bodies… that they enter into your being… even these people who cure… these Spiritualists… that’s very dangerous. All these are taking you to a realm which is not your own… it is somebody else who is acting. Even a thing like acupuncture can be very dangerous… because acupuncture uses whatever energy is within you, of the sympathetics – this is the energy… which is all the time flowing, when you get connected to the mains… all the time it’s flowing within you (1982-1008)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003