Now the men have to be compassion, kind, considerate… but never subservient… never subservient. The women have to be… great, large, receptive, receiving and nourishing. So a woman must try to be a woman, and a man must try to be a man (1983-0821)

Humility doesn’t have any subservience, and is very different to compassion. Humility is a very human quality, is a special quality only the bhaktas have. It is such a beautiful quality (1985-0901)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1985-0901 Vishnumaya Puja, Wimbledon – see 1985-0901 good 50

1983-0821 Mother Earth, Surbiton good 50

1985-0901 Vishnumaya Puja/Brompton Sq Puja, Wimbledon/Brompton Sq

– end – 31 Mar 2003