Doctors will say you cut down your sugar in general… but it’s absurd… sugar is very important for liver… if you don’t take sugar I don’t know what will happen to you… you will become like sticks… those people who are right sided, if they don’t take sugar at all, I don’t know what’s going to happen to them… they’ll be very irritable, hot tempered, absolutely stick like people… they’ll hit you like a stick you know… so a general statement like that is very dangerous (1983-0308); Carbohydrates are very important for the body specially if you are thinking too much, if you are a futuristic person… if you are right sided, it is absolutely essential that you must have sufficient carbohydrates… we have treated so many liver patients with sugar (1983-0308)

Is useful for correcting right side problems of the Nabhi Chakra; Also to assist in establishing sweetness of talking (1983-0121); The 5 right side dharmas in the void area are helped by taking vibrated sugar (1978-1005); Those who are liver patients can take sugar, but otherwise you should not take too much sugar (1988-1221); Sugar is so important for our combustion (1987-1213); Diabetes is not caused by sugar by any chance, I can tell you… of course you should not take too much also, I mean too much of everything is wrong… but you must take sugar… it’s important for your liver (1981-1006)

Supposing you are a liver patient… so we give you some sanctified or vibrated sugar to eat… white sugar. Now doctors will say… ‘don’t take white sugar’… but we have cured so many people of liver troubles… also migraines… and this and that… and so many problems of allergies are to be cured (1982-1008)

To get the optimum delight of drinking tea, one should take one spoonful of sugar, not more not less – the same in life, not too much, not too little (1980-0517.2)

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– end – 27 Oct 2003