This Divine Power is the power of compassion and love which does everything – but when ‘we’ take up the responsibility and when ‘we’ decide ‘we’ have to do something and that ‘we’ are something… try to go against that Divine Power… we become stupid people as we have seen… so to leave it in the hands of the Divine Power… and to be just an instrument of that Divine Power is the way a Sahaja Yogi has to be. The compassion… the love of the Divine Power is so great that it is wisdom… complete wisdom. A person who has no compassion cannot be wise… he could be worldly wise, but he could not be really wise… so those who believe that they have to be… they have to be very accurate must know that your accuracy will be challenged by the Divine Power – there has to be lot of relaxed and a mobile temperament a person should have. If you are absolutely lethargic, lenient, dishevelled, we can say absolutely confused… you are not in the centre… and on the contrary if you are very strict, like a rock of Gibraltar… and like a big Hitler-like behaviour… you should be in time… everybody must have proper steps… must walk properly… that’s not being Sahaj… that’s not being Sahaj (1989-0709)

Now look at all these flowers… see one by one… see how beautiful they are… every one is different… even one leaf of one flower will not match with another… one petal won’t match with another… all different but so relaxed… creating beauty… giving us so much of joy… all different… placed in different manner… moving in different manner… every one has a different angle… but there is unison… there is oneness in them that they all want to give us joy… but with tension you cannot give joy (1989-0709)

So the tension part of it is very common in the West… and that conditioning has come because of certain lifestyles that we have had. Now there’s not going to be a war of Waterloo anymore… so we can say that Waterloo war was won because they reached in time… that’s not the thing… the war was won because it was to be won by the Divine Power… even if they had reached late they would have won it. Whatever happens is by the Divine Power… so there is no need to be tense. Then you will say… ‘alright then let us sit down, and have a nice time… everything will be done by the Divine Power’ – no… Divine Power is going to work through your institutions… through your medium… so you have to be alert. I hope you understand what I am trying to say… that a person who is relaxed need not be a person who is lethargic… but alert… alert you can be as well as you can be relaxed… because you are Sahaja Yogis (1989-0709)

Surrendering just means you open your heart to accept Mother’s Love… give up this ego, that’s all, and it will work out; “I am trying to push myself into your hearts, and I’ll definitely settle down there” (1982-1219); Nothing is surrendered to Mother, as such… She doesn’t take anything, nothing goes to Her. Only we surrender ourselves… by leaving all that is not wanted… is a beautifying process (1983-0725); We surrender to God’s Will… He knows what is good for us, He is going to give us the highest. We surrender… not our material wealth, nor our intelligence, not our heart, nor our relationships with others, but something that we have achieved ourselves… our ego and superego. Whatever it is that feeds our ego, we should bring it down a little. Whatever conditionings feed our superego, we should find out the truth about it, and then we may give it up (1980-0517.1)

There are only two things which do not want to bend before God… one is a bhoot… or another is the ego. Surrender means your ego… your superego… your bhoots (1986-0707.2); One thing one has to remember… to try not to create problems… not to create any stupid things… just let God manage everything for you, and handle it… he’ll do it very well. So don’t be in a weeping condition… or in a dominating condition… or a quarrelling condition… but be nice and sweet to each other… express your love, fully and well… and you will get it back in full measure (1986-0707.2)

Now in your freedom you must understand what is glorious for you… then you tell yourself that I have to become something more… and the only thing I have to do is to completely coordinate, co-operate and surrender to His Will… so that I become. In that surrendering you do the greatest thing, because by that you do not interfere with His work… you do not obstruct the Will of God. He wants to give you the highest… which you cannot achieve for yourself… it is His gift to you (1980-0517.1)

The way to keep the Sahastrara open, is by surrendering to the Mother (1985-0504), by leaving things into the hands of the Divine (1989-1008.1); All is done by the Shakti, not by you… ‘Thy Will be done’ (1983-0204); Your quality will be known by how much you are surrendered to me… Christ has said that (1985-0629); ‘Mother, the way you keep it, that way we accept it’ (1982-1101); Surrender the ego… to your wisdom (1978-1218); What do you surrender is your nonsensical, idiotic ego (1979-0608.1); That surrendering is to be achieved if you are going to be a guru (1981-0904)

The whole Cosmos is trying to help you. You don’t have to make much effort… like what should I choose… whether I should take this, or that… only thing you have to do, is to just see for yourself… that you are watching… and you are seeing… an opportunity coming to you… and allow the opportunity to appear before you… it does. You don’t have to deliberately bother your head, what to take, what to do… it will just be there… you will be amazed, how it works. It’s a question of how far you are surrendered… how far you have gone with the Divine… it all works out; You don’t have to do deliberations much… you don’t have to worry too much about things… it will all come your way… because you have now entered the Kingdom of God… everything is looked after… you can’t imagine how small, small things it works out… how in detail it works out… it’s very surprising. So when you are dissolved in that ocean, it is that ocean which takes you up and down… so enjoy, that’s all…… and leave it to the ocean to decide for you (1988-0921)

So many miracles have taken place… so many people have been cured, no doubt… but that doesn’t mean ‘you’ have done it… don’t get into the trap of ego… that’s most dangerous; Surrender your ego… and all your problems can be solved – but as long as there is ego, this Divine Power doesn’t take over (1997-1225)

So the problem today is very delicate – there are no absolute Saints… there are no absolute bad people… such a mixture… a confusion – that is what this Kali Yuga is… these modern times are. The only way to get rid of them is to surrender… that’s the only way… there is no other way out… because when you surrender… the spirits, the negativity, the satanic forces just disappear. They have no interest in a person who is surrendered to God. They cannot surrender. If they surrender… they’ll also become Saints. All the time to think… ‘what are my catches… what are my negativities’ is not going to help you… just surrender all these ideas that are coming to you… and you will find that all absurd ideas will run away. This is the easiest way to get rid of your problems… is just to surrender (1980-1019)

The growth will only come when the surrendering comes… and one has to know that the powers are tremendous… it is beyond your conception… outwardly you cannot understand. Under such circumstances… the best thing is to surrender yourself – now what do you surrender… is your ego and your superego (1980-1019); You have to receive the Blessings… and to receive the Blessings, you have to just surrender… it is so simple… the easiest way to solve all your problems is to surrender… just say… ‘I surrender’… for Realised Souls, this should be their mantra (1980-1019)

Also, as you are Realised Souls, all the Divine forces… all the Divine Deities… all the Eternal Beings, Chirenjivas… all the Angels and Ganas… all of them are looking after you… but they know one thing… those who are surrendered… and those who are not. You just surrender the problem… and you will be surprised… the answer will come in such a miracle. Just surrender… do not take any responsibility upon yourself… just surrender… because… how far can ‘you’ go in the solution… up to your rationality… beyond that you are your Spirit… and the Spirit is connected to the Divine… so best is to surrender (1980-1019)

(While saying the 108 names of the Guru – Ed)… we say ‘we surrender everything to you’… after that we have to put a Tulsi leaf, and put the water on it… so we put water to see that it goes away… even it’s smell… everything goes away… everything… all our health… all our wealth… everything that we have… we surrender everything to you… it’s symbolic like that… everything… our body… our mind… our speech… our thoughts… our thinking… everything we’ve surrendered… all our work… our jobs… responsibilities… everything we have surrendered… all our estates… our wealth… our money… everything we have surrendered… all our relations… all our connections… all our friends… all our Nations… the whole world we’ve surrendered… all our education… all our reading… all our books… all that we have done so far, we have surrendered. I hope you have heard it, and… put it in your head again… meditate on this point: we surrender everything… nothing belongs to us. Now the symbolism is like this… you must understand the symbol… that it’s just a leaf… the last thing left with us is this leaf. Of course Tulsi represents left Vishuddhi, and also attachment. So now, when you have it in the hand, it sticks… it doesn’t fall… so you put water to see that it goes away… even it’s smell… everything goes away from the hand… it’s significant of that (1985-0629)

When something that you want doesn’t work out, then you should accept it as the Will of God – that it is what He desires, that it is the Desire of God; Now you are one with His Desires. You are here to communicate the Desires of God, to the whole world. At this stage, if you start having your own desires and ideas about yourself, then when will you become the Desire of God (1976-0330)

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