Swadisthan 2 Problems



Problems with Swadisthan

Physically and mentally we are overactive… especially in a society where we are supposed to be ‘developed’ – we develop through using this power of action. Problems with this centre can result from too much thinking, which diverts control of the Swadisthan away from the organs under it’s care, towards the provision of fat cells for the brain, thus resulting in diseases such as blood cancer, and diabetes from the resulting unhealthy spleen or pancreas respectively. When you are thinking, the cells of the brain are replaced every minute by the fat that is in your stomach, by this centre of Swadisthan… in the gross expressed as the Aortic Plexus. A person who thinks too much, plans too much, and thinks he is responsible for the whole of world affairs… in this myth… develops his ego to a great extent, by which his left side suffers too much… and then he develops all the problems of the left side in the organs.

First of all… the Swadisthan can’t look after the liver, so he develops a liver. Then on the left hand side it is absolute useless, so he develops diabetes. If you excite the right side Swadisthan… your left Nabhi catches. Say if you are a big thinker, a big planner… then what happens, you get diabetes… because you are using your right side Swadisthan too much… and because of that there is an effect on the left hand side Nabhi… you neglect your wife… you become harsh to her… are unkind to her… your left side starts becoming weak… and makes your spleen and pancreas very weak… and that’s why you get diabetes. Diseases from right side imbalances, include: cirrhosis of the liver, leukaemia (spleen), high blood pressure (kidneys), diabetes (pancreas).

When the left Nabhi combines with either the left Agnya or the left Swadisthan, then you can become vulnerable to blood cancer. Blood cancer can result when we start living at a fast pace, and we become hectic, and are all the time thinking. The spleen, which is the speedometer of the body, and which gives us the rhythm of life, gets into problem, because the Swadisthan is unable to cope, along with all the other things that it has to do, and so the spleen starts producing too many blood cells, and this then results in blood cancer. With thinking only, you will go mad… so don’t think, but develop serenity within you.

People who work too hard for material, or physical things, can catch on left Swadisthan, and can also get diabetes, and kidney and spleen problems. Imbalances can result in lethargic organs, resulting in: allergies of the skin (liver), nervous problems, cancer and leukaemia. On right side of Swadisthan, if there is a problem, it may indicate an artist who has overused his creative talents.

Problems with the left Swadisthan indicate possession by some negativity. People who have died, can hang around and cause problems, and can cause lunacy. They can exist around the churches, because of the dead bodies buried there. They are the entities or spirits (bhoots) that are dealt with in Spiritualism, Parapsychology, and by Charismatics. The dead Souls who are still attached to something, and that still hang around, and are the one’s who trouble us… who bother us too much. Now some difficulties that you face, which cannot be solved, could be coming from these dead Souls. So the best way to get rid of them is to develop a detached attitude towards life.

Left Swadisthan combined with left Agnya indicate the influence of an unauthorised or false guru, and inhibits the movement of the Kundalini. Diseases like cancers, leukaemia, psychosomatic problems, madness, come from following wrong gurus, and can lead to Ekadesha Rudra problems.

The False Gurus… who are Rakshasas, sinful people… who are criminals, are anti-God, anti-Christ people, who hanker after money – who must be given up.

People who say that they are representing God, or who say that they are God, or say that they have the powers of God, should be able to connect you to God – if they cannot connect you to God, then they are absolutely useless. There are so many now who have come to misguide you. They are taking money for misguiding you, for giving you sins. They are nicely booking you up for a trip to hell

– they themselves are nicely booked there. People feel very hurt when Shri Mataji says about them, when Shri Mataji talks against these gurus… but they are not gurus, they are Rakshasas. They are able to spread fast because they are not part of a living process.

Mostly these gurus look after your purses… or your wives maybe. Their lives are blackened by their ill deeds… they are evil people, devils… some of them born again to test your intelligence. they may come as anything… but they are evil doers of the worst types. Not only that they will go to Hell, but that all the disciples of theirs will go to Hell.

Those who go headlong into wrong paths may suffer from funny heart troubles, palpitations, insomnia, vomiting, giddiness, irrelevant talking etc. It is very serious to go to wrong gurus. Amongst their followers, diseases like cancers, leukaemia, psychosomatic problems, madness, can occur, and can lead to Ekadesha Rudra problems. Now this horrible fellow has worked on the Swadisthan… that’s why he’s more dangerous… he works more on the right hand side… and these Supraconscious spirits are brought in… it’s all Supraconscious work he does.

What you have to do when you start feeling anything… like anger against say some very devilish guru supposing… then you build it up in yourself… and that built up anger within you will neutralise that. You need not say it out loud… you need not talk about it… but that built up anger will little bit trouble you also… because it has a little bit reaction… but when it is released it will have an effect… and such a person cannot stand a Sahaja Yogi.

– end – 17 Mar 2003