Swadisthan 3 Correcting



Correcting the Swadisthan

Sit down on the ground, and try to meditate with your left hand towards the Sun, or towards the photo with a light in front of it, and the right hand on the Mother Earth, and say the Shri Ganesha mantra, or the Atharvasheersha. Your left side will be cured… means the left Swadisthan first of all. So the Mother Earth is the one who sucks in all these negative forces of the left side, and you get rid of them without any difficulty. If you cannot say sit on the ground, then you take a stone, or some marble, or something that is natural, on which you should try to sit.

The False Gurus are to be beaten with shoes.

Mantras for false Gurus include “Sarva Asatya Guru Mardini” and “Sarva Asura Mardini”.

Those who have been to any gurus should put their right hand on their heart, because your Spirit is your Guru… who resides in your heart.

Once you give up your False Guru mantra, you give up your misidentifications – why I asked you… I would like to see how much you are still identified with. If you are still identified with him, I cannot do anything about it… because evil is evil, and good is good… these mantras are the names of devils.

Just say Nirmala Vidya… Om Twamewa Sakshat Nirmala Vidya… put the hand on the… left Swadisthan… and just say Nirmala Vidya… Nirmala is ‘pure’… Vidya is the ‘art’… the ‘knowledge’… ‘Pure Knowledge’. After you are Realised, then you get the knowledge isn’t it… that’s it… you are the embodiment of Pure Knowledge… and the technique you see.

To remove a bhoot without getting it into yourself, firstly of course, put yourself into a protective bandhan. Then there are different ways according to the different bhoots. When dealing with someone who is possessed, you should take a higher position, go with great force on that person. There should be no compromise. After putting yourself in bandhan, ask the name of his guru, if it is a guru problem, and then say the Adi Guru mantra for the Void. If you know the guru name you know the mantra to be used… like Narakasura Mardini, Mahishasura Mardini, or Sarva Asura Mardini. Then best is to give vibrated salt with water to drink. These guru bhoots can be very dangerous.

Another type is the one that makes a person blind, even though their eyes are open and normal to look at. The left Swadisthan will be catching. If he does not have diabetes, then it is definitely a bhoot. To cure this, take a Photo of Shri Mataji’s Hands, and put a candle in front of that, and ask the person to see if he can see the light – you will be amazed, gradually he will be able to see the light, and then gradually he will see the Hand. The candle alone will not work, but if you can see Shri Mataji’s Hands with the light, then this is extremely good for the eyes.

– end – 17 Mar 2003