Swadisthan 4 Deity



Swadisthan – Aspect or Deity

Brahmadeva, and his power, or spouse Saraswati. Saraswati is the Goddess of learning, whilst Mahasaraswati is the Goddess of knowledge. She wears white, the sign of purity, and has in her hands the vina, roses and a book. She gives the power to understand the subtle meaning behind the words. Also she gives the power to speak… to communicate by writing… and drama. Her qualities include creativity, art, music, communication and comprehension. She gives us Subuddhi, wisdom. She also corrects excessive attention to money, and does not therefore go hand in hand with Shri Lakshmi. The second, or the Action Power of God… manifested by Mahabrahmadeva. The right side creative power, the power of thinking… of our mental and physical effort. The Adi Shakti with the force of Mahasaraswati, created the whole Universe… and in that she created this world.

The basis of all the creativity of Shri Saraswati is love – if there is no love, then there is no creativity. All the great creative works of the world have vibrations, and only those that have vibrations have been sustained by time. The quality of Saraswati is that she ends up into subtler things. So the Mother Earth ends up in fragrance, and music ends up in melody, matter in aesthetics, whilst water becomes the River Ganges, and air becomes the Vibrations.

On the left side, is the quality of Pure Knowledge, the Shuddha Vidya or Nirmala Vidya… the science of the Divine Laws… and which you must know how to manage.

– end – 5 Oct 2002