Swadisthan 5 Summary



Swadisthan Summary

Chakra: Swadisthan

Deity/Aspect: Saraswati Brahmadeva(R)

Nirmala Vidya(L)

Physical Level: Aortic plexus

Functions: Metabolism of fats for use of the brain.

Control of Liver, Pancreas, Spleen, Kidneys, Uterus, Ovaries, and part of the Intestines

Qualities: Pure Knowledge of Divine Technique(L)

Creativity, Art, Music, Poetry, Aesthetics(R)

Cause/Catch: False gurus, Possession(L)

Too much thinking, planning or physical work. Overuse of artistic talent(R)

Diseases: Blood Cancer(spleen), Diabetes(pancreas)

Cirrhosis of the liver, High Blood Pressure (kidneys). Allergies(liver), nervous problems, possession, lunacy, psychosomatic problems, madness, epilepsy, palpitations, insomnia, vomiting, giddiness, irrelevant talking etc.

Treatments: Use candle/flame(L) Lemons/Limes(L)

Mother Earth(L & R) and the water element(R) Water/Ice(R) Footsoak, Salt(L) Shoebeat(L & R) Witness. Use hands, bandhans, flowers & Photo.

Affirmations: Mother, please give me the Pure Knowledge(L)

Mantras: Deity name, Nirmala Vidya or Shuddha Vidya(L), Sarva Asatya Guru Mardini, Sarva Asura Mardini, Narakasura Mardini, Mahishasura Mardini etc

Petals: Six

Position: Thumbs. Back of head around Mooladhara