Swadisthan Left



Left side of Swadisthan, whose quality is the Pure Knowledge of the working of the Divine Technique, the Shuddha Vidya (1984-0708)

Problem indicates possession (1981-0928); Left Swadisthan combined with left Agnya indicate the influence of an unauthorised guru, and inhibits the movement of the Kundalini. Diseases like cancers, leukaemia, psychosomatic problems, madness, come from following wrong gurus, and can lead to Ekadesha Rudra problems (1983-0129); When the left Nabhi combines with either the left Agnya or the left Swadisthan, then you can become vulnerable to blood cancer (1986-0921.2)

A person who thinks too much, plans too much, and thinks he is responsible for the whole world affairs… in this myth… develops his ego to a great extent, by which his left side suffers too much… and then he develops all the problems of the left side in the organs. First of all… the Swadisthan can’t look after the liver, so he develops a liver. Then on the left hand side it is absolute useless, so he develops diabetes (1981-1006); People who work too hard for material, physical things, can catch on left Swadisthan, and can get diabetes, and kidney and spleen problems (1979-0507); Imbalances can result in lethargic organs, resulting in: allergies of the skin (liver), nervous problems, cancer and leukaemia (1984-0313)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1984-0313 Intro talk – 3 channels, Delhi – see 1984-0313 good 35

1979-0507 Sahaja Yoga Introduction good 60

1981-0928 Shri Mataji in America, NY, day 5 [+PP video set 2/5,6,7] good 80 1981-1006 Krishna to Christ, Houston (A New Age has started) Not good 80 1983-0129 Swadisthan Chakra, Delhi (False Gurus, & Conditionings) good 70 1984-0313 Intro Talks – Delhi and Hampstead

1984-0708 To Know the Truth, Ilford [with 40 mins Q&A] good 40 1986-0921.2 Role of Belgium and Holland, Mechelen good 65

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