Swadisthan Right



If there is a problem, it may indicate an artist who has overused his creative talents (1981-0928); Diseases from right side imbalances, include: cirrhosis of the liver, leukaemia (spleen), high blood pressure (kidneys), diabetes (pancreas) (1984-0313; 1987-0500)

If you excite the right side Swadisthan… your left Nabhi catches. Say if you are a big thinker, a big planner… then what happens, you get diabetes… because you are using your right side Swadisthan too much… and because of that there is an effect on the left hand side Nabhi… you neglect your wife… you become harsh to her… are unkind to her… your left side starts becoming weak… and makes your spleen and pancreas very weak… and that’s why you get diabetes (1979-0609.3)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1987-0500.1 Untitled talk, Australia – see 1987-0503

1984-0313 Intro talk – 3 channels, Delhi – see 1984-0313 good 35

1979-0609.3 Maria’s House Tape 3 poor

1981-0928 Shri Mataji in America, NY, day 5 [+PP video set 2/5,6,7] good 80 1984-0313 Intro Talks – Delhi and Hampstead

1987-0500.2 Australia PP [PP video set 5/1] good 35

– end – 28 Jul 2003