The second subtle centre, which is actually the third centre arising from the Nabhi as on a stalk (1981-0928); It controls the liver, pancreas, spleen, uterus (1981-0928) and part of the intestines and kidneys (8705—), and also the ovaries (1984-0313), via control of the Aortic plexus (8705—), and converts fat cells in the stomach for the use of the brain (1981-1005); This centre has six sub plexuses (1984-0708); Is the centre of aesthetics and creativity, which manifests in such forms as music and poetry. Also the centre of Pure Knowledge (1989-0801); Burva (1986-0303)

Problems with this centre can result from too much thinking… which diverts the control of the Swadisthan away from the organs… to the provision of fat cells for the brain, thus resulting in diseases such as blood cancer, and diabetes from unhealthy spleen or pancreas respectively (1989-0801; 1987-0500); When you are thinking, the cells of the brain are replaced every minute by the fat that is in your stomach, by this centre of Swadisthan… in the gross expressed as the Aortic Plexus (1982-1008); A person who thinks too much, plans too much, and thinks he is responsible for the whole world affairs… in this myth… develops his ego to a great extent, by which his left side suffers too much… and then he develops all the problems of the left side in the organs. First of all… the Swadisthan can’t look after the liver, so he develops a liver. Then on the left hand side it is absolute useless, so he develops diabetes (1981-1006)

Flowers, when you give them to me, they give you two things… flowers are very important – if they are beautiful, then they give to Swadisthan… if they are fragrant, they cure your Mooladhara. Now think of it… you are doing it to improve your chakras (1980-0927)

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– end – 28 Jul 2003