The symbol of Innocence (1991-0505); Becomes transformed later into the Cross (1996-1225); This Swastika represents nothing else but balance. When it starts moving in the right direction, then constructive work starts, and it works out all that is important for life. But when it starts the other way round, it works out the destructive part. These both are in balance… if they are not, life cannot go on (1992-0209)

The ‘Swastika’ is a very sensitive instrument. If you use it the right way, clockwise, it works for construction… but if you use it in the anticlockwise manner, then it is destructive. If you use the Swastika in it’s right direction, clockwise in front and anticlockwise at the back, all negativities are thrown out on the periphery, and absolutely they cannot enter in… but if it is moved the other way, then anybody can enter in… it starts opening itself to these negative forces. This is exactly what happened in the West… that they had their Mooladhara moving anticlockwise… they went against their own principle of morality… absolutely against Christ, and managed to get all these bhoots into themselves (1989-0617.1)

The carbon atom… when you take a picture with a spectrograph… from the left side, looks like an ohm… and from the other side looks like a swastika. Then how was it that the swastika was used by Hitler… it was because the Llamas knew the trick… they told him about using the swastika… because that is the sign of innocence… and so he used the swastika… painted with a stencil. Then… the Divine used a trick… and so they got confused… and they started painting the swastika from the other side of the stencil. So the constructive or positive swastika… became a destructive, negative one… and they started losing. If you see Hitler’s older, and also later pictures, you’ll find that he has two types of swastika… and that’s how he lost (1986-0707.2)

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– end – 28 Jun 2003