Created by Mother Earth (1980-0518); In ancient times… those who got Realisation… who were very few and unique… discovered the unique gifts of the Mother Earth… what you call as Swayambhus… those stones or stone images, which were thrown out by the Mother Earth, and discovered by these Saints. They put shrines there, and they worshipped them… and by this they made these images vibrate more… and also to vibrate that area. All over the world, there are such stones… but only the Saints could discover them (1980-0505)

A Swayambhu of Shri Bhairava exists in Nepal (1989-0806); In India, we have many Swayambhus, created by the Kundalini, and which are really worshipped. I have been to most of them, and was surprised that most of the Pujaris were suffering from some sort of serious disease, like one was a paralysed fellow. When they asked why are we suffering like this, I said because you are just making money… you can’t make money out of God – if you don’t want to serve God, you don’t stay here… but if you want to serve God… then, you can stay here, but don’t make money out of it. It’s very common, I have seen… those people who make money, get paralysis (1997-0525)

Now you all know that there’s something about Stonehenge… but what… these are the stones which have come out of Mother Earth… which are emitting vibrations… and the covering of that has been done later on… some people did not understand how these stones came out one after another… so they must have covered it up… but if they were Saints they would have said that… these stones have vibrations (1980-0721)

Why did Mohammed Saab who was so much against stone worshipping… why did he ask people to go round that black square stone… what was the purpose… that’s also just a stone… so why… this stone was a Swayambhu… and it’s mentioned in the Indian Scriptures that there is Macceshwarshiva. We have Shivas everywhere in India… there are 12 Jyoti Lingas… you can verify on your vibrations… same with this black stone… and so the people have to go round to achieve Shiva’s Blessings… but it became a ritual… and nobody could go further than that ritual (2000-0423)

Tape References

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– end – 28 Jun 2003