If you talk sweetly, then 99% of people will dissolve before you. One has to learn the trick of talking sweetly to others. First of all the other person should not know who you are – show that you are less intelligent than them – with complete humility; Then anger must be mastered, by facing ourselves (1991-0001)

Try to use language which is extremely sweet… it doesn’t mean… hypocrisy – you ‘want’ to love… but there is a barrier of your ego… and when your ‘light of love’ passes through that ego, it gets calcified… it gets ruined… it gets spoiled… and then you say harsh words to others. First of all you ‘witness’ yourself you see, ‘trying to be nasty to others… and… enjoying that nastiness’ – there’s a ‘Hitler’ sitting in your Vishuddhi. Then… try to be sweet… through your Vishuddhi chakra. Once you start doing that, you’ll develop your witness state very well. It’s very easy to make fun of people, for small things here and there… but when we start making fun of others, we also become a target of fun (.0011)

Sweetness… or Madhuria… is a quality of Shri Krishna, in the way he spoke to and communicated with people (1991-0001; 1990-0811.1); One has to imbibe within oneself the sweetness… if you are sweet, you are filled with humour, you do not hurt others, and you are not hurt either. Anything can be done with sweetness (1988-0103)

The voice… should be melodious, and the language should be controlled. If we can control our tongue, 80% of collectivity we will achieve. Tongue is first of all… for saying things which are sweet and beautiful… let us find out what sweet things we are going to say to people… not expressing ‘our’ views, like ‘I like it’… ‘I like that’… or ‘I want that’, but on the contrary… ‘do you like this’… ‘would you enjoy this’… so the language should be directed towards others… showing interest and concern (1985-0502)

Tape References

Date/Ref – Title – Qual – mins

1988-0103 Patience and sweetness – G’pule – see 1987-1213 good 15 1985-0502 Niraananda, Vienna Ashram good 60

1990-0811.1 Shri Saraswati Puja, Vancouver, Canada [3 min music Intro] good 40

– end – 17 Mar 2003