Swellings, in the body… is a left side problem (1983-0209)… but may also develop on the body, in people who are in the ‘centre’, if they have taken too much vibrations… first of all they should find out if they are in the neighbourhood of somebody who is anti-God, because such swellings are developed when their vibrations are fighting the anti-God activities of the person who is with you. Say your wife is negative, then such a swelling may develop… because your vibrations are fighting the woman. You shouldn’t mind that fighting… but you should know how to correct that woman… how to put her right. Or the man, if he’s like that, the woman might develop an anti-devil force within her, which will give her that swelling. Different types of swellings might appear, with vibrations jetting out with a great speed (1983-0209)

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1983-0209 Problems of Left, Right and Centre – Bombay good 65

Chakras affected: Central Channel

– end – 5 Oct 2002