Sympathetic Nervous System


Sympathetic Nervous System

The Sympathetic Nervous System… is one of three types of nervous systems in the human body, and which is for emergencies (the others being the Parasympathetic and the Central Nervous Systems), and which has a left and a right side, which act in opposite directions, being complimentary (MME)

The left and right sympathetic, and the central parasympathetic nervous systems… together comprise… that ‘self governing’ nervous system… the Autonomic Nervous System (1984-0731);

Autonomous Nervous System, means there is something which is beyond… something ‘auto’… if the scientists give this name… we have to accept it is ‘auto’… they cannot explain… we have to accept it is auto… that there is something like auto… that controls the three Autonomic Systems (1977-1024.1)

The Parasympathetic… is that part of the nervous system in the central channel, the Sushumna Nadi (1981-0928) which gives the balance (1987-0500); Which brings things back to normal… relaxes and nourishes… after the sympathetics have initially responded to an emergency; Is formed by loops from the left and right sympathetics, and wherever these loops meet, are formed energy centres known as the Chakras (MME); Is part of… the Autonomic Nervous System… that ‘self governing’ nervous system, comprising the left and right sympathetic, and the central parasympathetic nervous systems (1984-0731)

The left sympathetic nervous system… is the left or moon channel (tha in Hatha yoga)… having the power of desire, operating through our emotions. Beyond is the Subconscious, and then the Collective Subconscious (1981-1005); On which are found Shri Bhairava and Chandrama (1989-0806); Also called as Chandra Nadi (1980-0809); The channel for our existence… and the activity of our emotional life… the left side… and which also gives you your subconscious area… where whatever you are listening to me now, goes into that (1979-0200.1)

The right side sympathetic nervous system… the right side channel, in our subtle system… is the power of action, that acts through the 5 elements (1981-0928; 1983-1001); The Sun channel, which works for our physical and intellectual activities (MME); In Indian tradition, is the Rajoguna. The side of our mental and physical activity, the future, our planning, the ego (1984-0313), and of our creative being (1979-0200.1); The side on which is found Shri Hanumana (1989-0423)

Now cancer is nothing but an imbalance… the overactivity of the Sympathetic Nervous System. If you can control the Parasympathetic… you can neutralise, and completely you can cure cancer… but we are not here to cure people… we are here for our ascent (1977-1024.1); The disease of cancer cannot be cured except by Sahaja Yoga. The reason is that the power that we have got stored within us is very limited, and this power is used through our sympathetic system. When this power gets exhausted, the cells in that system start going on their own. So these cells start going amok, they overgrow and malignancy sets in. Now this cancer can be corrected if you can pour that energy, the energy of the All Pervading Power into the patient… and then this power is all the time flowing in you, and you do not have any problem of that power exhausting (1979-0720)

Anything we do to extremes… any emergency, is taken over by these two sides… they act for our sympathetic nervous system, whenever there is an emergency. Now… a ‘centre’ is formed… by the coming together from the left and the right… and when there is a pull on the right side or the left side too much, on the sympathetic nervous system, then this connection breaks (indicating the separation of the single channel into it’s left and right component channels – Ed)… and when it breaks, the connection of the ‘centre’, (which is supplying the energy), with the ‘whole’, is broken. When the connection with the ‘whole’ is broken, there’s no coordination left… there’s no control left… so the cells become on their own… what we call malignant… they start going on their own (1982-1008)

So these are aggressive cells… malignant cells… are on their own… we cannot control them. By some chance if you could bring them back in connection with the whole… cancer can be cured… it is as simple as that. When the Kundalini rises, she awakens this ‘centre’… and when this centre is awakened, it just comes back to normal… the person becomes normal… that’s how cancer can be cured… it’s very simple (1982-1008)

Even a thing like acupuncture can be very dangerous… because acupuncture uses whatever energy is within you, of the sympathetics – this is the energy… which is all the time flowing, when you get connected to the mains… all the time it’s flowing within you (1982-1008)

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