Talking To New People


Talking To New People

You should only tell about Sahaja Yoga, or about yourself, not about Mother. You can say that ‘I was like that – even worse…’; Tell that ‘you are the Spirit’, and that anything hanging on will drop off… that it is done by the Kundalini; You cannot argue it out, as it is beyond human arguments; Handle them with care. Say that don’t worry… the inner Joy will give you strength. Establish with love and care… be very forgiving (1987-1009)

Those who are humble… who are kind… will attract more Sahaja Yogis… so it is important to change your temperament. If you try to show off, nobody is going to be impressed by you… if you think you are something very great, nobody is going to look at you. Be very humble, kind, generous… also very joyous. If you are really doing Sahaja Yoga, no sickness can come… no trouble can come… it is a fact… try to understand (2000-1231)

Best way is to wear something with my photo… so people ask ‘who is this person’… could be a badge… if you can wear it… and when people ask you… you can start talking… you have to talk… that is the only way we can spread Sahaja Yoga. Of course you can have your programs… you can get people… you can give them Realisation, this that… but to talk about it is important… so the atmosphere is created. You can tell them that we have found the truth… and it is very simple… you can’t pay for it… it just works… it is spontaneous… it’s a living process… it is an evolutionary process – you can talk like that… not about me, but about Sahaja Yoga, in an abstract manner (1988-0921)

And it’s such a wonderful thing… one should do it. All such talks are going to help us a lot, though I would say those who listen to you may not get Realisation, but at least in the atmosphere it will be… and this is going to help us a lot… if it is in the atmosphere, people will know that there is something like this coming up (1988-0921)

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– end – 18 Jun 2003