When you talk, just talk about Sahaja Yoga, and nothing else; Don’t talk too much about things… specially before meditation and after meditation… try to keep quiet for a while. To be quiet itself is very great; And also if there are thoughts, then you have to say ‘not this’… ‘not this’… ‘not this’ (1987-1224); Too much talking Is very bad… not talking, is bad… but a little talking is good (1981-0904); And… anger must be mastered… by facing ourselves (1991-0001)

You are materially bound by talking… talk comes from Vishuddhi, but it starts from much below (1980-0927) The most gruesome of behaviours, sarcasm, which is the essence of the English character, and comes from left Vishuddhi, can be cured by being straightforward and speaking sweetly, with no more harshness towards others (1985-0806); If you talk sweetly, then 99% of people will dissolve before you. One has to learn the trick of talking sweetly to others. First of all the other person should not know who you are – show that you are less intelligent than them – with complete humility (1991-0001)

A principle of Gandhi was ‘never to listen to nonsensical gossip – never to listen to any criticism’. What is the use… what do you gain by repeating to another… why to see something wrong with others… (1998-0320); Never talk ill about each other… never (1981-0524); When you speak, it should be auspicious… many people have a habit of speaking very inauspicious things… like we invite somebody to our house for a party… and we say something hurtful to them… or say, a dirty joke at a time when there is a wedding going on… Hell is nothing but inauspicious living (1978-1002)

Also I have seen people start discussing me… and in a very funny way they do it… I think the best way to deal with the problem is not to speak about me… if you have to speak, then know that it has to be absolutely positive… otherwise you are harming yourself… and you are harming others… then you don’t blame me for that (1980-0127.2)

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– end – 29 Jun 2003